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“Awesome Toilet Paper Art Crafts”

Loving this DIY Toilet Paper Art trend that’s going on…

(click image to go to source)
We have put together a collection of the best Toilet Paper Art and have had the images linked directly to the source. Hope you enjoy!

1. TP Craft from Just A Girl Blog

2. TP Flowers from Apartment Therapy

3. TP Roll Art from Myrtle and Eunice

4. TP Roll Wall Art from Cut Out and Keep

5. DIY Faux Metal Wall Art from Money Saving Mom

6. DIY Toilet Paper Wreath from See You There!

7. Blue TP Wall Art from the How-To Gal

8. TP Wall Art from Paisley Pink Polka Dots

9. TP Wall Decor from Dancing With Sunshine




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