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Changing Education Paradigms

I recently came across this video (thanks to hubby!) and thought it brought up interesting questions regarding our current education system. As someone with a background in Early Childhood Education I am haunted by the discrepancy I see between how research shows children learn and how our education system chooses to educate. At no fault to the many dedicated educators out there, we must admit that there is something funky going on in the classrooms across this nation.

Although this video may hit a nerve for some, I believe that as “Modern Moms” we have a responsibility to examine the tough issues, to ask the hard questions and be open to all opinions in the hopes that we may come together to create a world where our children thrive and can reach their individual potential. Regardless of where you may sit on the issues facing our education system, what your political party may be, whether you home school, public school, private or other, this video is a must see:

Have an opinion after watching the video? Have you come up with the perfect solution? Is the speaker full of it or does he have a valid point? Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below.



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  • Jessica

    This is a great video heather. Thank you for sharing. I showed my husband :)

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