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11 Reasons to Call Your Mom This Mother’s Day

If you are anything like me, it just occurred to you that Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. That means you have only a few short days to put a card in the mail, order flowers, create an ornate brunch menu, and select 372 craft projects from Pinterest to create and execute perfectly just so Mom knows she raised you right.

What, you can’t clear your schedule for all that?

Odds are, your mom just wants to hear from you this Mother’s Day. Your voice and the fact that you care mean the world to her. Sure, all the other trappings of Mother’s Day are well-intended and she will certainly appreciate them just as much as she did 25 years ago when you gave her a macaroni necklace. When it comes down to it, though, your mom simply wants to know that you love her. Forego the bells and whistles this Mother’s Day. Call your mom.

Need some motivation?

Call her because she sacrificed sleep all through your first year on this planet and never held it against you.

Call her because you likely still make her lose sleep.

Call her because she ate cold meals for years just so she could make sure you cleaned your own plate first.

Call her because you expected her to say no when you asked her to take you to see your favorite band when you were fourteen, but she said yes and happily purchased earplugs.

Better yet, call her because she said no. You told her you hated her for it, but she still made you dinner and washed your sheets.

Call her because you were never just a blip in her life. She bettered herself for you.

Call her because she always adored you, even when you were throwing a tantrum in the middle of Target, having a diaper blowout, and insisting that getting your diaper changed was the worst possible idea ever. You were two, so you knew best.

Call her because she’s seen you ugly cry but never thought you were weak.

Call her because even though you didn’t take her advice, you always knew it was motivated by that primal mama love.

Call her because she messed up but never gave up.

Above all, call her because she’s yours. She is your mama. You will always be her baby.

The words that you speak into the phone receiver to her mean more than all the Pinterest projects, pretty shrimp salads, and pink roses combined. Your mom knows that. Pick up that phone.

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  • Modern Day Moms

    Loving this article!

  • krugthethinker

    This is amazing! So sweet and so true. :) Also, I had better be heading to the post office!

  • Ashley

    This is beautiful. Seriously. Way to make me cry, Jerk! Haha ;p

    • Emily Austin

      Considering you’ve made me happy cry a bajillion times, I’d say we’re even.

  • Modern Day Moms

    Love this article, Emily! It’s so true. <3

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