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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning that Sparks A Little Joy

Well, that’s a headline you probably didn’t think you’d see: spring cleaning that sparks joy? It’s kind of odd that that first whiff of spring makes us feel like pulling everything out of the cupboards and airing the house. Nonetheless, it’s a thing, isn’t it?

And while spring cleaning CAN be a satisfying way to refresh the cupboards, drawers, and closets, it’s also an excellent time to throw out the junk that’s subliminally weighing you down.

So, with a little touch of the very famous Marie Kondo, let’s think about ways to clear out the dusty old vibes and refresh our surroundings with things that bring us solely joy.

Your items are memory capsules

Memory capsules

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If you’ve ever watched one of Marie Kondo’s shows (check them out on Netflix), you’ve probably been impressed by how she manages to transform people’s lives just by sorting out their drawers.

You wouldn’t think, perhaps, that your drawers could harbor bad vibes? But, actually, we’re much more sensitive to our surroundings than we often give ourselves credit for.

  • Give yourself a little test:
  • Go up to the bedroom
  • Open a drawer
  • Pick up the first item of clothing that you can reach
  • Hold it out in front of you

And think: does that item of clothing give you good memories?

Do you associate it with a great evening out with loved ones or friends?

Or were you wearing it when you got dumped? Or when you had to wait on your own in a bar while your friends were late?

Or is it one of those pieces you’ve been holding onto just in case you lose weight and it fits again?

Just like when we hear a song that takes us straight back to a good (or bad time), the items we surround ourselves with have associations that either lift our spirits or stamp them down.

Does it spark joy?

Joyful at the beach

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Look at that item of clothing. Does it spark a joyful memory? If it doesn’t – if your feeling is terrible or ambivalent, you don’t need it. Throw it out. Or give it to a thrift store.

It’s as simple as that.

If that item doesn’t spark a feeling of positivity, then get rid of it. You don’t need to surround yourself with things that make you feel bad – however subliminally.

So, spring cleaning is more than just pulling your cans out of the larder. Sure, that makes the house feel fresh. But does it make YOU feel that little more existentially lighter?

Be ruthless

When I started throwing out the things that didn’t spark joy, I felt a little bad about letting go of a perfectly good pair of jeans.

I mean, there was nothing WRONG with the jeans per se – the fabric was in good condition, and there was plenty of wear in them.


They didn’t really fit anymore. So they were acting as a reminder that I’m older than I was when I bought them. And slightly more overweight than I used to be.

Sure, these items can be an incentive to lose those extra pounds. But – actually – the negative feeling you get from looking at them and saying, “one day, I’ll look great in those again,” is more likely to make you reach for the cookie jar to console yourself than do anything positive about losing those excess pounds.

So, a mindful spring clean is more than just dusting out your cupboard – it’s about clearing out the negative vibes we hold onto.

Throw everything onto the bed

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The principle is pretty much the same whether we’re thinking about clothes, magazines, jars in your larder, or ornaments that seem just to collect dust. But for now, let’s stick with clothes.

Marie Kondo’s first trick is to get you to empty your wardrobe and all of your drawers. And to throw everything into a large pile on your bed.

The pile immediately looks like a big, massive mess.

But it’s more than that: you realize how much STUFF you hold onto; and you instantly know that you own too many clothes.

So, this is a great incentive: you realize you’re accomodating a whole load of bad vibes in that pile. And it’s time to clear them out.

Take your time

Don’t be in a rush. Go through every single piece of clothing: hold it up in front of you and ask yourself if you feel anything. Does it make you feel good? Or is there a nagging cloud of gloom that threatens to burst open?

You don’t need to hold on to things that make you feel bad in ANY way.

So, do the right thing. And throw it out.


Throwing things that bring bad vibes is excellent for your mental wellbeing, but just chucking it all into landfill isn’t necessarily a great thing for the planet.

So, if that item of clothing could have another life, give it to your local thrift store. And, hopefully, someone will find it and have great times with it.

Forgotten loved things

This is an excellent process because it can help you find items of clothing that have been at the bottom of your drawer for years. Maybe it’s an item that sparks genuine joy, but you’d forgotten about it.

So often, we buy new because we think we’ve got nothing else to wear. But there are going to be little gems in that pile on the bed that could spark joy all over again.

One way to ensure that nothing gets left at the bottom of the pile is to change how you arrange your clothes in your drawers.

How to fold your clothes for instant visibility

Folded clothes the Marie Kondo way

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Learning to fold your clothes this way provides instant visibility to every item in your drawer. And once you’ve cleared out the things that DON’T spark joy, opening your clothes drawer will now be a joyful experience.

Here’s an infographic that shows you how to fold your clothes in this way:

Marie Kondo's folding method

Image courtesy of the

The trick is to stand the folded item upright, and it won’t roll over. That means it’s well-folded, and it will unfold without creases.

Spring cleaning that sparks joy

So, there you have it. It’s literally a case of clearing out the skeletons. Spring cleaning that clears not just the rubbish that you should have chucked out years ago but literally clears the bad vibes out of your wardrobe.

No longer will your clothes taunt you! Take back control, and embrace a more straightforward way of storing your clothes and emptying your cupboards.

Remember: if it sparks joy, keep it; if it doesn’t, sling it.

Good luck!



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