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12 Simple Home Safety Tips

It’s great to be aware of our home and surroundings. Be on the lookout for neighbor’s homes when they are away and always keep an eye out for anything weird.

Here are 12 simple home safety tips to follow:

1) Make sure all exterior doors have deadbolt locks.

2) Place a sturdy pole or pipe in the tracks of sliding glass doors.

3) Keep your exterior doors and windows locked at all times.

4) Put interior lights on timers so you never come home to a dark house.

5) Install motion detectors on all outside lights.

6) Watch garage doors and driveway gates close completely.

7) Keep entranceways clear of shrubs, which make excellent hiding places.

8) Place an object near your front and back doors that could be used a weapon in an emergency, such as: a large vase, an umbrellas, a baseball bat, or golf club.

9) Have an emergency escape plan designed for every single room in the house. Make sure your entire family is familiar with it, and run a drill every 6 months.

10) Consider placing a large dog bowl and leash on your back porch, and hanging a visible “Beware of Dog” sign on your fence or near the front of your home.

11) Sleep with a phone on and within arms reach of your bed, even if you put it on silent.

12) Pay attention to your surroundings as you enter your home and immediately close then lock your door.

About Jarrett Arthur:
Jarrett Arthur’s passion is helping others transform through self-defense training and education, with a particular focus on women, mothers and children. One of the highest ranking female Krav Maga black belts in the U.S., Jarrett comes armed with years of teaching experience and has taught hundreds of men, women, and children over the course of her 10 year career. Jarrett has been featured as an expert on national television shows including Ellen, Access Hollywood and Good Day LA, as well as in numerous publications including Fitness Magazine and The New York Times.

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