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4 Stunning Tourist Spots You Need to Visit in Gold Coast

Spend your holiday in Gold Coast and have the best time of your life! This vibrant region in Australia will surely bring a smile on your face as you get to explore it with your loved ones. There are plenty of spectacular attractions and exciting activities waiting for you here, so plan your escapade ahead of time.

Apparently, Gold Coast is one of the best travel destinations in the Land Down Under. Offering tons of exhilarating outdoor adventures, glorious beaches, fun theme parks, and sheer natural beauty, your visit here will always be worth it. Just rent a car in the airport or just visit a car rental website and pick a car that suits your needs. Traveling around the Gold Coast via a car is convenient, so consider it when planning for your Gold Coast vacation.

Looking for what to visit? Be sure to add the following interesting tourist spots in your itinerary once you set foot to Gold Coast:

Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre

Shop ’til you drop at Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre! All shopaholics will absolutely be delighted to check out this place with more than 240 stores, including clearance stores that offer up to 70% off and brand direct outlet. More so, there are alfresco dining restaurants available where you can eat after a long day of shopping. Visitors can also catch the free shuttle to Harbour Town 7 and get free services at the Tourism Lounge, like a Tourist Discount Card and an access to some big international brands.

Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk

Witness the pristine beauty of a rainforest at Tamborine Rainforest Skywalk. This 45-minute rainforest walking experience in Gold Coast Hinterland is certainly a must-try activity when in the region. Get to walk in 40-meter Skywalk Cantilever and Cedar Creek Viewing Platform without fear as it is extremely safe. If you really want to try it out, better be prepared for it. Don’t be scared, for there’s nothing to worry about your safety while here.

Springbrook National Park

Check out the beautiful Springbrook National Park and spend a slow afternoon here with your family or friends. This UNESCO World Heritage-listed attraction and Gold Coast popular spot is part of Gondwanna Rainforests of Australia. You can do a lot of things here, which include hiking, swimming, and walking. Not to mention, there is are striking waterfalls and a breathtaking scenery at this lovely park.

Sea World

A visit to Gold Coast won’t be complete without going to Sea World. In case you are traveling with the whole family, then this family-friendly amusement park is a perfect place for all of you. Everyone will certainly have a good time and enjoy the entire attraction. It has a mammal park and oceanarium where you can check out as well. Your day will definitely be full of fun and excitement once you enter this famous Gold Coast theme park.

Make the most of your Gold Coast trip and visit these tourist spots specified above. You deserve a happy and memorable time off, so make every second count. Plan everything well and you are off to an adventure of a lifetime. Don’t forget to check out DriveNow to compare car rates when thinking of renting a vehicle to wander around the region. Absolutely, your Gold Coast escapade will be one for the books!

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