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5 Items to Make Your Elderly Family Member’s Life So Much Easier

As your loved one ages, so many things about her life become difficult for her. Having the right products and services available for your loved one when she needs them can make her life so much easier. Luckily, many of these items help to make your life easier, too, especially if you’re helping your loved one out as her caregiver.

Basic Cell Service

Your loved one may feel as if a landline phone at home is quite enough for her purposes. But what about when she’s out and about? Today, however, it makes sense for your loved one to have a phone with her. Smartphones are usually more than your elderly family member wants to deal with, so it’s time for a compromise. Look for basic cell service like what you would get with a Jitterbug phone plan. These are basic phones which are easy to operate and can get help to your loved one should she need it.

Personal Alarm Systems

Personal alarm systems have come a long way since they were first introduced. Now many of these types of devices have automatic sensors that can detect a fall even if your loved one isn’t able to press the button herself and call for help. These devices consist of a speaker system that contacts a dispatcher when your loved one presses a button to indicate that she needs help. Your loved one might have a pendant device that she wears around her neck or a wristband that she wears like she would wear a watch. Some home alarm companies are also offering personal alarm components for elderly family members, so it’s worth talking to your loved one’s alarm company about this.

Carpet with a Thick Padding

Many people don’t think about carpet as something that helps their elderly family member stay safe and experience a better quality of life. Carpet alone can help to serve as an insulating layer in your loved one’s home, which means that she can adjust her thermostat to a more efficient level in both cool and warm weather. Another aspect to consider is that thicker padding and carpeting can serve as more of a cushion should your loved one experience a fall.

Assistive Devices

There is an entire world of assistive devices out there that can change your elderly family member’s life for the better. From door knob grip covers for arthritis sufferers to wheelchairs for loved ones who are no longer mobile, you can find all sorts of items. Take some time and really explore what types of assistive devices might make a big difference for your loved one. Start with her doctor and then continue to do some research from there.

Home Care Providers

You might not realize just how helpful having home care providers to assist with your elderly family member can be. The first benefit is that you can take some respite time for yourself, which is especially important if you’re your loved one’s primary family caregiver. Another massive benefit is that home care providers are experienced in dealing with all of the various types of issues that your loved one is likely to face.

Every elderly family member faces different challenges, of course, but there are products and services that you and your family can rely on to help keep your loved one safe and happy.


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