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A Guide for Choosing a Dance Studio for Your Child

Whenever you are shopping, it is always a good idea to do your research before choosing something that will fit your needs. If you do not know anything about dance, you need to consult with a professional dancer or a dance teacher before choosing a dance class. The following guide will help you to choose the best dance studio for your child:

Why Dance?

Dance is not just an art or sport; it has the many benefits, which include:

– Improving flexibility

– Igniting other passions

– Experiencing and learning team work

– Developing social skills

– Helps people to discover new things about themselves

– Expresses emotions

– Improves cardiovascular functions and stamina

– Presents new opportunities for people to challenge themselves

If your child wants to take up dance lessons, he will be able to improve his coordination, motor skills, and know how to follow simple prompts. You need to choose a studio that addresses the following things:


A faculty is the backbone of a good studio. This means that you should find a studio that fits the needs of your child. To find out if a studio has a good faculty, you should check the faculty page of their website. If you do not see anything on the site, you can call the studio for some information.

Make sure that you look for things such as affiliation with master programs and years with the studio. Unlike most traditional jobs, dance teachers do not need university degrees to get jobs. Of course, having a degree would be a plus but it is not necessary. You need to look out for faculty with experience in teaching and performing if you want your child to learn what to do well.

However, you should be careful not to judge by age because it does not matter in the dance industry. If the dance studio that you are considering has a high turnover rate, there must be a reason for that. It might be that faculty members are leaving in search of greener pastures or because they are receiving poor treatment from the studio owners.


The appearance of a dance studio matters because a good one has clean waiting areas and well-maintained equipment. You should not count a studio out because of its size – you might find that a small studio is better than a larger one in the same area. What constitutes better equipment? If you are signing your child up for ballet, you should look for ballet barres on the walls because they ensure safety.

On the topic of safety, you also need to look at the flooring to ensure that it is not too slippery. Marley flooring is the best floor because it has enough give and cushions the feet of dancers. Moreover, it is not too sticky, which reduces its likelihood of causing an accident. A good dance studio also needs to have the best sound equipment.

Make sure that cords are not running all over the place because they will pose a safety hazard. Moreover, the sound equipment should be reasonable in size and well maintained. Another thing that you should look out for in a ballet studio is full-sized mirrors. For dancers to get better, they should be able to observe their form as they dance.


The above tips will come in handy when choosing the best dance studio for your child. After this, you need to look for a good dance costume company where you can buy the right dancewear. To succeed as a dancer, your child needs to wear the appropriate shoes and clothing.



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