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Avoid the 3 Most Common Plumbing Issues in Your Home

KIf you are like most people, you may not realize how much you rely on your plumbing system until you begin having problems. A slow moving drain here a dripping faucet there – as your home gets older, it’s only natural to experience some plumbing issues.


In some cases, the problems will be easy enough for any DIYer to handle. However, other issues come with some potential dangers and it is best to leave these problems to the professionals. Being aware of some of the most common plumbing issues and solutions an help you know when it’s time to grab your tools, and when calling for a plumber, such as AWPE Emergency Service is the best option.



1. Clogged Toilets and Drains


Usually, you should be able to spot a clogged drain right away – after all, you’re going to notice when water starts to back up. For a toilet clog, this issue is pretty apparent, too. In most cases, just clearing the blockage will restore your toilet or drains back to normal.


If you want to prevent the problem, avoid flushing anything besides toilet paper or other disposable items. For showers, use a hair catcher over the drain to catch loose strands so they don’t start collecting in the pipe. This will help prevent clogs in the future.


2. Leaky Pipes and Fauets


Another common plumbing issue is leaky pipes and faucets. While a leaky faucet may not seem like that much of an issue, over time, it could wind up costing you 10 percent more than you should pay for water. Also, if your faucet is dripping at a rate of one drip per second, then this means you are wasting more than 3,000 gallons of water each year.


Unfortunately, natural wear and tear that occurs due to regular use is hard to avoid. As time passes, leaking faucets are going to happen. You can slow down the wear and tear by turning your faucets off and on slowly and avoiding putting too much pressure on the handles.


While there aren’t many options regarding preventing damage and issues with your pipes, you can find problems early byinspecting them regularly. Try to watch out for small drips or moisture. Also, white lime deposits and visible rusting can also signify a possible leak.



3. Issues with the Water Heater


Problems with your water heater are usually easy to find. After all, if you are sprayed with cold, rather than warm water during your shower, you know there’s an issue. Other signs of a problem with your water heater include discolored water, noises coming from the water heater, puddles of water and dripping water. In most cases, you will have to call a plumber for assistance fixing this problem.


The best way to prevent issues with your water heater is by maintaining it. Check the pressure valve on a regular basis and flush the tank to remove any sediment. Also, look around your tank from time to time for any leaks or drips that may indicate a larger problem.


There’s no question that some plumbing issues can be “sneaky,” however, others are easy to spot and prevent. Using the information here should help you have more control over your home’s plumbing system. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure!


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