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Behind The Scenes with fairlife!

When I first heard about fairlife, I honestly thought it was just another brand of milk. fairlife isn’t just milk, it’s ultra-filtered milk! I personally don’t drink water from the tap; I filter it, so why would it be strange to filter milk? It’s a BRILLIANT idea! fairlife filters their milk into its five main components: water, butterfat, protein, vitamins and minerals, and lactose. After these components have been removed, they are then added, except for lactose, back in at different proportions. You’re getting MORE protein, MORE calcium, the REAL stuff, not some yucky, chalky powder. Did you notice I said, no lactose, yeah, everyone can drink it! So fairlife has made you a one of a kind SUPERFOOD, and it’s delicious too! There is really is no better choice nutritionally when it comes to milk than fairlife ultra-filtered milk.

fairlife’s whole milk can boast a whopping 13 g of protein per serving, 370 mg of calcium with only 6 g of sugar, and it’s lactose free (what gives most people with milk allergies a problem). Other offerings like soy milk only offer around 6 grams of protein per serving, with 8 grams of sugar. Almond milk is even lower down the list with around 1 g of protein per serving with a whopping 16 grams of sugar.  The proof is right on the ingredient label.

fairlife starts with high quality real milk and runs it through their unique filtration system. They offer 50% more protein, 30% more calcium and half the sugars of ordinary milk, and it is lactose free. The milk comes from sustainable farms where the animals receive the most extraordinary care possible. The technology around the milk creates a superior product that makes milk even better.  As far as pound for pound nutrition, no milks, let alone the alternatives, match up to fairlife. When it comes to what you put in your body, it only makes sense to include the very best when it comes to milk.

Enough with all this fancy schmancy talk, let’s get down to the details.

fairlife recently invited us out to tour Fair Oaks farm to see how extra special fairlife milk truly is. Fair Oaks Farms is located in Fair Oaks, Indiana and it is the flagship farm of many farms that provide milk to make fairlife. What does Flagship mean? Think Disney World but for farms (it really is an attraction too!).  fairlife’s farm families promise the highest quality milk, environmentally sustainable farming practices, and superior animal care. Our tour guide was the one and only, Sue McCloskey, co-founder of fairlife milk. Sue and her family are part of the 2% of Americans that are farmers who are responsible for providing food for millions of people and she takes her job seriously.

Our first stop on our tour was to a fuel station but it wasn’t a fuel station that we could use. The fuel that was coming out was Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and it was made from cow poop! We all know that the gas cows pass is methane so why wouldn’t their poop be methane too? The McCloskey’s, Sue and her husband Mike, are very conscious of our environment and they are utilizing every way to use all the waste and byproducts that come from operating a farm for a cleaner America. They convert their cow ma-nure into methane to power our dairies and then turn it into Com-pressed Natural Gas to fuel our fleet of 42 CNG powered tractor trailers. This one critical innovation eliminates 12 million miles of fos-sil fuel emissions annually.

If you want good milk you need to start with good food. Mike, Sue’s husband, first started out as a veterinarian. He knows what cows need from the inside and they have put together a recipe full of nutrition for the girls.

To get great tasting milk you not only need to feed cows well but you need to take great care of them too. The cows at Fair Oaks are treated like royalty. These girls are pampered from day one! While at the farm I was able to see three brand new, as in born that day, baby calves. I was in love! It was hard to leave the babies but we had to meet the other stars of the show. I live in Western Maryland and getting a whiff of a farm is something I’m used to. I was prepared to breathe through my nose (you can’t breathe through your mouth on a farm because then you can taste the aroma) but I didn’t have to when we reached the stalls. The stalls are cleaner than my kid’s bedroom on a good day! I would hope their room would be clean if it was cleaned three times a day like the stalls at Fair Oaks. The cows have access to food and water 24/7. During the warm months they have their own water misting system and I’m sure during the cool months they are provided heat, I visited in mid-September.

The cows get milked three times a day or I say a ride on the merry-go-round three times a day. Have you ever seen a cow ride a merry-go-round? I have. The merry-go-round is this super big spinning wheel that holds 72 cows at a time. As one cow gets on another cow gets off. As the cow enters the ride, she is scanned and hooked up to her milking device. It takes about eight and a half minutes to milk one cow. That’s A LOT of milk going out of the farm each day.

As we sat down for dinner I poured myself a glass of fairlife Chocolate milk. You want to know a big secret I was keeping from everyone? I haven’t had any milk in TWELVE years? I was so nervous about this tour because I don’t drink milk but after spending the day with Sue and watching her interact with her cows and her farm, witnessing her passion, I just knew I had to try some. Guess what???? I LOVED IT, ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! My kids LOVE fairlife milk and I know that I am providing them with the best choice of milk that I can.

I believe Sue forgot to add one ingredient on her bottle of milk, and that is that it is made with love.


Amanda is a contributor for Modern Day Moms. Amanda is a stay at home mom of three kids, four if you count her husband. When she has spare time she can be found behind a camera (very amateur), getting crafty (thanks to Pinterest), or playing card/board games with her husband.



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