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Better Life – Natural Household Cleaning Products

GMO Free, Gluten Free, Cruelty Free, Made in USA, Fragrance Free, Sulfate Free, Petroleum Free


We have a new favorite line of cleaning products that we wanted to share with you today. When it comes to cleaning, it’s always best to avoid harsh chemicals especially if you have young children. By using cleaning products that are plant derived and fragrance free, you can usually avoid the lung irritation and annoying smells tickling your nose.

From all-purpose cleaner, to wood polish and glass cleaner, to lotions, hand soap and produce wash, Better Life’s products are plant derived and are cruelty, fragrance, sulfate and petroleum free. Better Life also keeps it fun with brightly colored packaging and creative, whimsical names, such as I Can See Clearly, WOW! and TAKE IT FOR GRANITE .

Better Life has created products with unbeatable performance. what-EVER! all natural, all-purpose cleaner is safe on any surface. Use it to clean out the fridge, your shower, and anything else that needs a wipe-down – you can even use it as a laundry pre-spotter. Pair what-EVER! with Better Life’s Even the Kitchen Sink natural cleansing scrubber, and you have an unstoppable duo! Together they even remove that “artwork” your kids decided to do on the wall. Alone, the powerful yet gentle scrubber works magic to keep all your surfaces shiny and protected without scratching.

Better Life’s best-selling Simply Floored! eliminates the bucket. Just squirt and mop, making it easy to do quick clean-ups or wall-to-wall mopping. It is safe on all hard surface floors including wood, stone tile, and laminate. Starting in October, Better Life will expand their all natural product line even more, to laundry. Spin-Credible , all natural laundry detergent will safely clean clothes, with no added chemicals.

Better Life is pleased to announce the launch of its laundry detergent, Spin-Credible Natural Laundry Detergent. This detergent is 4x concentrate, non-toxic and color safe. Spin-Credible comes in a 64 oz. bottle and is available in Free & Clear or Lavender Grapefruit scent.

This 4x ultra concentrated lasts a while as you only need an ounce per load. Less packaging = less waste= clean conscience & happy clothes (clean too of course).

Spin-Credible is free of preservatives, sulfates, bleaching agents, optical brighteners, petroleum based ingredients, synthetic fragrances, dyes and phosphates. Spin-Credible is a non-toxic, biodegradable, plant derived formula AND hard working when it comes to dirt and stink.

The Automatic Magic dish detergent leaves no spots or greasy residue on our dishes! SOLD!


Tip: Dish It Out for pet owners, the unscented Dish It Out soap will cut through the oil, yet is gentle on a dog’s coat and won’t bother their sensitive noses with scents. So, it’s great for keeping those pets clean.

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