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Bucket List-Worthy Spots You’ll Want To Explore With Your Family This Year

If your New Year’s Resolution is to see new places and try different things with your family, then consider this your guide! Even if it wasn’t your resolution, but you’re always looking for new ways to have fun; then you’re still in luck.

After all, you can never have too many great ideas to spend time with your family. Exploring new places is always a blast. Not only does it open up your child’s imagination, but yours as well! So, if you’re looking to shake the same old routine, here are some spots that are sure to provide a good time.

So, take note, and get ready to add these spots to your bucket list for the year!

Carousel Of Happiness

Nederland, CO

If you’re looking to awaken the inner-child inside the whole family, head up to Nederland, CO. On top of this quaint town, you’ll find the Carousel Of Happiness. It’s true- it makes you feel all those happy feels. The carousel was hand carved and gently painted down to even the smallest details.

Just above the carousel, there is a tiny puppet theatre with the best bay window. You can gaze out past the musically carved creation, at the crisp mountain tops; or watch as your kids direct their own puppet show. It’s a unique experience and definitely brings out the child in all of us.

Meow Wolf

Santa Fe, NM

Now, if you’re looking for something totally out of the ordinary- you must take a visit to Meow Wolf. Here, you’ll be taken to a new world of mind games and illusional entertainment. There’s no doubt, you’ll be hearing all sorts of excitement amongst the entire family. It’s like a new-age-funhouse that did everything right! It’s indoors, so it’s able to be explored during any weather; and even better, it’s great for all ages.

A trip to Meow Wolf will leave your kids talking for years to come. And it’s no wonder because it really is the most unique art installation of its kind.

Balloon Fiesta

Albuquerque, NM

Each year, right around the brisk of Autumn, hundreds of hot air balloons take off for one of the most magical shows around. Not only that; but each time of day is dedicated to a different theme.

For example, there are sunrise and sunset balloons that cover the sky. And the theme most kids enjoy the most- is character night. This is where you can walk through balloons made after all types of movie characters and animals. You’ll never realize how big they actually are until you see the night sky light up with their brilliant colors.

Along with the hot air balloons, there are rotating activities, face painting; and of course, some of the best fair food around.

Wind Walker Challenge Course

Colorado Springs, CO

Scared of heights? Well then, here’s one way to overcome those fears. Located high up in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find the Wind Walker Challenge Course. It’s the ultimate adventure course, where you test your balance and get a seriously clean dose of fresh air. The views are hard to beat, and it’s no wonder; because you’re only minutes from Garden of the Gods.

Seriously, this place is an all-around family pleasure.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Glen Rose, TX

Okay, there’s no denying just about any child will flip over dinosaur tracks. Like, real-life tracks they can explore and absorb. Not only that, but you can swim in the river along the tracks. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like something unreal for a child to experience! If you have a dinosaur lover on your hands, it’s very safe to say this is a trip worth taking.

You can do a day trip or even camp out on the grounds. It’s a great way to bond and learn about dinosaurs.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

Kanab, UT

Located in one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Southwest lays Best Friends. Here, you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of animals who have been rescued and rehabilitated back to good health. There’s no denying, this is an animal lover’s dream destination; and even better, they offer free daily tours throughout the entire sanctuary. As a family, you can even sign up to volunteer. There are also cabins onsite, providing the most impressive views. Additionally, there are plenty of hiking trails and an onsite restaurant- where they serve top-notch vegan food for $5.

Needless to say, this is a bucket list for anyone who loves animals, or exploring the outdoors.

The Black Hills

South Dakota

You really have a chance to impress your kids with this trip, because there’s something truly unique about witnessing the Black Hills in person; and to think that it was both man and nature made is completely mind-blowing.

Now, if this doesn’t spark some interest in history or geology; I don’t know what will. In any case, it’s a very rare place to spend the day hiking and exploring with your family.

Days and weekends spent will family are always a win, but when you add in new experiences; they’re hard to beat. So enjoy the new year and all the memories to come.



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