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Cover It Up! Bumbo Seat Covers To The Rescue

This giveaway has ended. See winner below

Bumbo Baby Seat Covers

Want to give your Bumbo Baby Seat an even bigger personality? Cover Your Bumbo! Dress it up with the new must have accessory for Bumbo, made exclusively for the Bumbo Baby Seat. Add new flair with a variety of fun and stylish patterns that reflect your individuality.


Protects your baby seat
Two side pockets for storage
Breathable fabric
Machine washable
Easy to put on and take off

I was super impressed with the bumbo seat cover! It is very easy to put on and remove. Easy to wash, easy to clean. Definitely worth the buy. ALL Baby Seat Covers are available at Target. They come in some adorable patterns too!

My favorite is the scales pattern! You can click here to see the other patterns.

Do you own a bumbo? Would you like to win one of these seat covers?

Bumbo Seat Cover Giveaway

Leave a comment below and let us know which pattern you like best! See patterns here.

We will pick a winner Friday, September 2nd! Open to US residents only.

The winner of the Bumbo Seat Cover is:

Beth Scoggin

Congrats Beth!

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  • Jessica S

    We like the ‘scales’. My baby boy is currently using his big sister’s pink Bumbo….so one of these more ‘boyish’ covers would be great!

  • Beth Scoggin

    I like the scales cover! Slate is really nice too!

  • Katie Wood

    I like the Stripes one. I have a baby boy due in January and have been getting all of my best friends hand me downs. And she has a girl. So a pink Bumbo is waiting for him. This would help make it a little more boyish for him!

  • Zora V

    I love the Birds pattern, since my favorite color is purple. My baby is 4 months and almost ready to use her Bumbo!

  • Jessica

    I love the purple birds pattern

  • Brooke H

    I like the stripes and the charcoal twill, what a great idea!

  • Steph Boushee

    We own a bumbo! My son loves it BUT :-) it is pink, I found it at a yard sale! I would love to get a cover for it, the scales pattern is soooo cute :-) Plus I love the pockets for storage what an awesome idea!

  • Kristi K.

    I love the “birds” pattern. Very cute and girly! I love the idea of the coverdale how they allow the seat to be reused for another baby of a different gender!

  • Kaydee

    I love the slate color, the stripes, and the scales! They’re way too cute to pick just one, unless I win :D

  • Amanda Klenner

    I like the birds cover m:)

  • Christine

    I am getting ready to hand down my Bumbo from my twins and would love to be able to give it a new look. I love the stripes!

  • ScullyT

    I’d love a grey or black cover :)

  • Katie F.

    I like the denim and the stripes. Very cool idea!

  • Christine

    Passing our Pink one down to our friend! She would <3 the striped one!

  • Deanna

    I like the bold red one. But maybe that’s because I’m a Buckeyes fan! :) There can never be enough baby accessories.

  • Kelly C

    I love the scales!! It would be great to make my pink bumbo gender neutral!!! ;)

  • Jessica

    I love the purple birds cover

  • Bonnie

    What happened to the cover pattern “Baby Cowboys”? I am VERY interested in seeing it – and buying one for my new grandson!

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