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Bunk Beds: The Tip of the Iceberg

Watching my kids grow is an incredible thing, watching the space around them shrink is another matter entirely. Their rooms are so full of toys and clothes and forts (read: repurposed boxes) that there is barely space for THEM anymore.

I wanted to create more space for my kids but short of moving, I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it. I started looking into space saving ideas; only to discover an entire world of children’s beds that I had no idea existed.

There are theme beds, loft beds, trundle beds, beds with desks built in, even beds with slides! To be honest I was almost overwhelmed by the options, my kids just have regular single beds that sit plainly on the floor – how boring.

Upon discovery of this endless inventory of children’s beds, I began to think about what would be right for my own kids. My two boys share a room and always have friends over and my daughter has her own room which is quite small and she barely has room to play.

I had been thinking about bunk beds for the boys for years, but even the discussion of bunk beds caused huge fights about who would get the hypothetical top bunk.

After taking some measurements and perusing the options I decided to get the boys each a loft bed (solving the top bunk problem once and for all) and my daughter an entire unit that included a bed, drawers, a desk and shelves.

For the boys, the loft beds gave them more space to play on the floor and now they can have friends sleep over really easily. What we soon discovered (and what the boys were most excited about) was that I had in fact inadvertently provided them with the structural materials to build the kind of fort they had always dreamed of.

My daughter’s new bed unit allowed us to store a lot of her toys and clothes in the built in drawers, which meant we got rid of a dresser and opened up more space in her room as well. She has a desk for when she has homework and shelving to display the toys she deems too valuable to be stored in drawers.

All in all, my kids are extremely happy with all the space that opened up and I’m happy that they finally have room to grow.


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  • kandi6000

    We have space limitations as well, and a 2 going on 10 year old at home. Would you consider posting photos of the space? It would be very helpful to see how it worked out for you, or more accurately, how you worked it out.

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