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Cynthia Jones Jewelry

I feel there comes a point in everyone’s life where they start truly caring about the jewelry they wear. You reach that point where you want jewelry that lasts, that means something to you, that makes you feel special every time you wear it. When I think of jewelry that fits in this specific category, I think of personalized jewelry. Of course, to me, I think of wearing a piece of jewelry with my husband and daughter’s names or initials on it. It is these pieces that a mother and wife can hold dear to her and wear proudly.

When I came across Cynthia Jones Jewelry, it was almost an instant happiness. I knew when I saw the Love Tag Necklace, I wanted to own it and have that one special piece of jewelry to keep with me always.

Then, I began browsing her catalog. I also fell in love with the Initial Ring and of course, the Flat Rings among others.

I could pretty much rock this look below on any given day:


When I received the Love Tag Necklace in the mail, I was instantly drawn to it. It was my happy place. My special piece that I think of when I’m looking for something small to wear.


Cynthia Jones creates classically modern jewelry that is fitting for all occasions. She has been designing handcrafted jewelry in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 2006.

Always thinking about form and function, Cynthia sketches and constructs each piece in an organic process. Her passion lies in creating pieces for women who can feel as though they’re wearing art that is handmade personally for them.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 7.53.22 PM

Cynthia received a B.S. in Metalsmithing from Southern Connecticut State University and we think she’s pretty awesome. Show her some love with the links below. Thanks Cynthia!

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