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DIY Mason Jar Shelf


This is another amazingly quick and easy DIY we are showing you today. It is also another one of my favorites!

All you need is:

  • 3 mason jars (I chose half pint size)
  • a staple gun
  • hangers or screws
  • 3 hose clamps
  • a piece of weathered pallet wood (or you can age your own)


First, cut out your piece of wood. Lay your jars down on it so that you know exactly how wide and tall you want it to be.

Next, staple your clamps onto the wood. I started with the middle one by putting it right in the middle of the wood. Be prepared to have to do this over sometimes because the staple might hit the metal and bend instead of going where you want it to. These are industrial staples and should hold the weight of the jars and items I’ll be putting in them. If you put anything heavier in it, I would suggest adding more staples.


After that, put your mason jars in the clamps and tighten them. I chose the half pint jars that are the same width all the way down. There is a lip that will catch on the clamp so that it will definitely not slide through no matter how much you tighten them.

Finally, add your hangers to the back, or you can screw the wood into the wall before putting your jars on…whatever your preference!

And you are done!! I am planning to put this above the guest sink and below the rope mirror I made once we remodel that bathroom. It will hold toothbrushes, Q-tips and cotton balls. Right now there is tile in that spot, so this won’t be mounted just yet. I’ll be sure to share a photo once it’s all done.

Just to let you know, this is slightly heavy, so you don’t want to make it much bigger than we are unless you have additional support.


Wendy is a facebook administrator and editor for Modern Day Moms. She is a multi-purpose mom (aren’t we all, really?) who loves home decor, couponing, sewing, photography, Pinterest, frugal living… ok, pretty much all the same things that most women love! She enjoys spending time with her family and friends while living on the gulf coast. Her two Boston Terriers - Oscar and Lily - occasionally make appearances on MDM.



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