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Dyson Twitter Party & Giveaway this Friday, February 14th at 12:30pm EST

Join Modern Day Moms & Dyson this Friday, Feb 14th @ 12:30p EST for an exciting twitter party & giveaway of the new DC59! It is only 30 minutes, will go by fast and we will have a lot of fun.

Modern Day Moms will be giving the DC59 Animal to one of our followers. To participate in the Twitter party just use the hashtag #cutthecord on twitter.

No RSVP, just use the hashtag. See you friday!

Modern Day Moms

Modern Day Moms is an award-winning publication centered around motherhood that is real and unfiltered. Basically, we don't sugarcoat anything and aren't afraid to tell you the truth. Let's be best friends, we will make you feel more normal.




  • Jennifer Essad

    @4jlessad – I really really really could use a new vacuum

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