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Episencial | Green Organic Natural Baby Skin Care Products

I have been an Episencial fan for quite a while now. Not only do they make outstanding products, but they are packaged in illistrations from Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. CUTE!!! My 5 year old went nuts for this when we first found out about Episencial.

Here are some additional reasons why I choose Episencial:

  • high quality skincare that is affordable
  • for the most sensitive skin of young children ages 0 to five
  • made exclusively with all natural ingredients; the majority of which are organic
  • no unhealthy chemicals, ever
  • manufactured under solar power
  • beautifully packaged in recycled and sustainable materials featuring art that inspires
  • smell terrific using juice extracts – not fragrances
Episencial recently came out with a limited addition Fun Summer Skincare Value Kit. Each kit contains a Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35, Protective Face Balm SPF 6, and a Soothing Cream. This has been our lifesaver kit this summer.

Sunny Sunscreen

I am a BIG fan of the Sunny Sunscreen! This is not like any sunscreen I have used before. First of all it is NOT greasy at ALL. This is HUGE! I was talking with my son’s preschool teacher and she mentioned that her son freaks out when she applies lotions and sunscreens on him. That sounded all too familiar with me except it wasn’t my son but my husband. (ha!) I told her about the Sunny Sunscreen and squeezed my bottle into a sample container for her to try. When I saw her the next day she thanked me for letting her try the sunscreen on her son because he actually let her put it on him without throwing a fit. She couldn’t believe it.
The water-resistant Sunny Sunscreen SPF 35 comes in a 4oz tube.
“It is an Environmental Working Group top-rated sunscreen; blocks both UVA and UVB rays; all natural, water resistant sun protection; protect without harmful nanoparticles, offset chlorine with beeswax & vitamin C, boost skin strength with avocado & shea.”

Protective Face Balm

The Protective Face Balm is an SPF 6 and comes in a .75 oz tube. It’ll help soothe & protect lips and face; guard & defend with zinc & licorice, soothe with avocado & calendula, prevent damage from overexposure. The Protective Face Balm was featured on Good Morning America Health for it’s healthy attributes. It is fortified with vitamins A, D, E, and C to help restore and repair skin balance and texture and packed with organic raspberry juice, cranberry extract, and grape seed to revitalize skin.

This past 4th of July weekend we camped near the Ocean here in No. California. One thing to know about this area is… no matter what season we are in, chances are it’ll be chilly and windy. I am so glad I packed the Protective Face balm because it really helped to save my kids and my face and lips from not only being dried out but also protected it from getting wind burned.


Soothing Cream

The Soothing Cream comes in a .75 oz tube. It helps relieve eczema, itches & bothered skin; cool skin with aloe & cucumber, fight free radicals with green tea, super-moisturize with raspberry butter. This is perfect for applying after a long day in the sun. The Soothing Cream helps to hydrate and restore the skin.

Remember our Editor Jess T’s post about her daughter having surgery? Well the moms of Modern Day Mom’s sent them a huge care package full of goodies and things to help make their hospital stay and recovery easier on them. When I received this kit I knew that they would benefit from this more than I would. After coming home from the hospital Jess T. told me how wonderful this Soothing Cream was and what a life saver it was on her skin. She was constantly having to wash her hands in the hospital and was so thankful she had Episencial’s Soothing Cream to help keep her hands moisturized.



You can order a kit from them or buy each product and more separately!


Head on over to Episencial’s website and take a look around. I dare you not to fall in love!


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*** Disclaimer- I received a kit for review but the words written above are strictly my own.***



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  • Jess T.

    My youngest daughter and I have eczema… BAD eczema. The soothing cream is AMAZING! It totally moisturizes our angry skin without feeling oily or too soggy. Hands down, the best we’ve tried!

    • Jasmine

      SO HAPPY to hear that it has helped!!!!

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