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14 Cheap Summer Activities That Are Often Overlooked

In the technological age, sometimes I think that if a kid doesn’t have an iPod attached to their head with the TV blaring ans the radio on they wont be entertained at all. I do remember a simpler time, where any activity had to do with sweating in the hot summer sun and getting dirty, scrapes, or both. Here are a few things that my daughter and I like to do that just help to make sure she feels special. They can’t last for as long or as little as you want, and they have provided us for hours of summer time fun.

1. The Poem Game

It reinforces reading, writing and comprehension while also igniting their imagination. I write poem, any type: a limerick or short few rhyming sentences and she acts it out, then she gets a turn. You don’t know how much fun seeing her face is when I recite “the girl with the nice blue pants, loves to flap her arms like a chicken when she’d dance…”

2. Board Games

I don’t like to invest a great deal of time in board games because I don’t really like them myself, but I love a good game of checkers. It’s pretty easy to learn (she’s been playing since four with a little help) and goes by quickly. I use it as a way to teach that you can’t win ALL the time.

3. Go for a walk!

Change up the scenery and explore! It’s simple but it’s easy to forget how mesmerizing a bug can be to a little one, even when they aren’t so little!

4. Jogging Stroller/Stroller Rides

Give your little one’s a ride in the stroller! This is fun! We have a jogger that gets me out of the house and will fit a 100 lb kid in it. Remember, imagination will turn it into a race car and bring along your portable speakers to blast their favorite tunes.

5. Roller Skating

At a rink or outside this is a fun activity to try to teach your child. Make sure to buy them pads!

6. Chalking!

We take a big bucket of dollar chalk to a park and have a blast. It might be more fun for me but when you bring enough chalk to share: it’s a great way for your little one to make friends and work on sharing their stuff!

7. Bike riding: get out there!

Snap some trainers on a yard sale bike and for a few bucks you’ve got another activity to teach that will bring lifelong happiness. We ride at parks or on tennis/basketball courts for safety.

8. Playing at a park

It’s self-explanatory: play WITH your child if there are no other kids.

9. Going to the beach, pool, lake.

Swimming is great exercise and wonderful for summer. Pack a picnic lunch and some sunscreen and make a day of it.

10. Fishing

An old-time favorite, but if you can find a spot that doesn’t mean being on a boat all day it’s a real blast for your kiddo to reel one in. (Catch and release of course, if they are sensitive to animals like my daughter.)

11. Watching TV

Just kidding!!! Turn it off and turn the radio on. Turn the lights down low and have a dance party! Great exercise and a lot of fun, try a kids station to keep the trash talk to a minimum.

12. Read a book together and then draw a picture about the story.

Anything we can do to create an artistic spark is always a good time!

13. Water Activities

No pool? Get a cheap plastic one and set it up in your yard! Water balloons? Sprinklers? Squirt gun fights? Playing in the rain? C’mon it’s summer and the water is FUN.

14. Draw Nature

Go to the park or a nature trail with a sketchbook and pencil. Make a picture journal of we you see.

These are just a few of the things we might do on a weekend or hot summer day where we are all together. Be creative and make some memories with your little one. The time is ticking to when they will be embarrassed to be seen in public with you but they will never forget the time you put in and the love you share.

What are some of your favorite summer activities? I’d love to add them to my own list! I’ve got two more months of this!

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