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For Moms: Gorgeous New Bracelets That Help You Stay Sane

Chelsea’s Count Me Healthy bracelets feature gorgeous movable beads that help women, particularly moms, keep track of daily goals.

For instance, one mom uses the bracelets to help keep track of her daughter’s feedings each day. Another mom keeps count of her newborn’s diaper changes. And another counts her daily glasses of water.

But these bracelets are more than just wearable tracking systems–they’re also absolutely stunning pieces of jewelry! In fact, many women love how they look stacked and don’t track anything at all. Many celebrities are wearing them too: Guiliana Rancic and Cameron Diaz are just two.

Prices start at under $100 making the bracelets an affordable splurge for any mom. (Or the perfect Mother’s Day gift!!)

More facts about Chelsea Charles and CMH bracelets:
– Selena Gomez, Fergie, Kelly Osbourne and other fashion-forward celebs also love and wear them.
– Available in over 30 gorgeous styles and in gold, rose gold, and sterling.
– Chelsea’s jewelry is found in over 500 boutiques, spas, and pilates studios throughout the US and Canada.
– Chelsea is the former creative director to an accessory brand co-owned by Justin Timberlake.

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