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Friday Favorites: Tools, Bottles, RestPad

Welcome to Friday Favorites! We highlight some awesome must-have things and it’s all wrapped up in one weekly round-up that you don’t want to miss! Let’s get started.

1. Tomboy Tools / Tomboy Traveler
Price: $79.00

They are pink, they are handy and now you can tell your significant other to BACK OFF. These tools are yours. This is an awesome tool-kit that comes with the perfect tool bag to haul your tools and accessories around wherever you need them. It contains 10 tools, accessories and safety items in a canvas zippered bag.

The Tomboy Traveler Includes:
Wide Mouth Canvas Bags
13 oz. Magnetic Head Hammer
16′ Fractionalized Tape Measure
Multi-Bit Ratchet Screwdriver
Slip-Joint Pliers
Quick Changing Utility Knife
Torpedo Level
Rubber Grip Gloves
CE Certified Safety Glasses
Sanding Block
Carpenter’s Pencil

You need this in your life *coughchristmaslistcough*

2. KOR Vida Hydration Vessel / 750 mL
Price: $24.95

This is one of our favorite “bottles” ever. Its tapered profile and ergonomic handle make it a joy to hold. It has a smooth, threadless spout and it’s easy to clean (bonus!). Love the white look. Note: It is a single-walled vessel, so hot beverages are not recommended.

3. GoSmart RestPad
Price: $24.95

The rich looking and plush GoSmart RestPad fits your school or home d cor, available in tan, brown, or pink microfiber. Bonus: very easy to keep clean, the sheepskin is attached to the mouse pad with Velcro, so it can be quickly removed and washed.

GoSmart RestPad Features:
Ultimate pressure relief.
Warm, soft & breathable, 100% natural sheepskin.
High quality, large, and stable construction.
Great for those with Carpal Tunnel or repetitive wrist injury.
More comfortable at 38% larger than other pads, matches display’s widescreen aspect ratio.
Rigid construction with high friction rubber base for flat and stable area to maneuver mouse.
Sheepskin is removable, easily washed.
Available in tan, brown, or pink.

The GoSmart Rest Pad is available immediately, priced at $24.95 at the GoSmart site at: or through

Til next time! Have a good week.

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  • Rachel

    Every woman should have a set of Tomboy tools! That was the best gift my husband could have ever gotten me! Not only can I show him when his frame hanging is not level :), I no longer have to wait for him to take care of things! AND they’re adorable.

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