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Frozen Cereal & Yogurt Banana Treats

These Frozen Banana Treats are a little bit healthier than the frosting & sprinkles ones you see all over the internet. It combines your children’s love of anything on a stick with their favorite breakfast cereal.

Winning all around.

There are many different variations but the main things you will need are:
Yogurt (greek or regular)
Sticks (popsicle, lollipop)

Peel the bananas and cut them in half so you have 2 banana pieces.

Insert a stick into the bottom of each banana piece.

Dip in yogurt and roll around in cereal. Pour cereal on a paper plate or in a bowl to make it easier to roll.

Place cereal & yogurt covered in wax paper or wrap directly in foil and freeze for 12-24 hours.



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