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Kids will be kids and when it comes to their hair, it’s not always fun and games… but it can be!

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Halloween is a time that some kids look forward to all year. From the moment they start fantasizing about what costume they will wear that year (usually the day after Halloween), all the way until the time for them to start the trick-or-treating all over again it is a process that becomes a whole thrilling experience for children become excited about. It becomes almost as much fun for the parents as it does for the children, as we get to re-live a little of the excitement as well, helping put together their costumes, wild outfits, and theatrical makeup. After the look is just right, we sometimes ask ourselves “What have I done” as we admire their newly colored hair, or their painted on beard and mustache, we might immediately regret all that ghostly face paint we helped to apply, or shudder to think of what clean up will be like getting off that clown makeup.

Fortunately Suave kids products help to make the tear down time a little more bearable. Nothing could be more quick or easy than grabbing some of our favorite soaps, shampoos and lotions to remove our masterpieces, so they can return to school the next day not looking like it’s the “night of the living dead”.

One of our favorite products would have to be the Suave Kids 3-in-1 Wacky Melon Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash. As if I need to repeat that, we have 3 different functions in one melon smelling bottle. It’s perfect, especially when I just have spent the last hour trying to pry candy out of my daughters hands, and sniffed out the ones she hid in her front pockets, and her back pockets as well. All I have to do is usher her towards the running water and let the magic happen.

The best part is that the Suave Kids 3-in-1 Wacky Melon Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash is an Ophthalmologist tested formula and is completely tear free. This means that all the burden on cleanliness can be placed upon my little one. “Wash up, then it’s bedtime” I proudly proclaim, as I scarf down, I mean, put her smuggled candy back into her trick-or-treat bag.

Suave offers products for the entire family so everyone can look good and feel good everyday! The best part – Suave products are available at Walmart so you can get the best value locally.

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