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Gibout Toys Blocks: Summer & Vacation Approved

Gibout Toys wins Dr. Toy “Best Vacation Toys 2012” Award & PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Summer Award Winner of 2012 and with good reason. We’ve talked about Gibout Toys and their fabulous blocks many a time. They are perfect for the littles.

“We’re excited to introduce a toy that inspires creativity, is safe for any age and, perhaps best of all, adds room aesthetic instead of clutter,” said Cheri Citrowske, president of Gibout Toys. “Gibout Toys is truly a long-time dream realized.”

These blocks are made from luxurious minky fabric in fashion forward styles, these blocks double as room decor when not in play. They stack nicely in the corner of a room, need no instructions, or batteries. At 11.5″ square, they are the perfect toy for stacking, throwing, laying on, and foster creative play. Moms love them because they save wear and tear on their couch cushions.

They are perfect for children of all ages. Whether they are just learning to pull themselves up on furniture, or building a fort of epic proportions. All of their Play Blocks are long lasting, durable, meet all Toy Safety Regulations and are hand-made in the U.S.A.

Mix, match and play! If you are always looking for the latest toys, you would be happy to know that you can view the blocks and their other toys on the website:

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