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Giveaway: Dino Dan – Dino Trackers DVD

The giveaway has ended. Please see winner’s details below.

Did you know that a Brachiosaurus weighed up to 80 tons and a T-Rex could eat up to 500 pounds of meat in one bite? Avid fans of “Dino Dan,” Nick Jr.’s adventure-filled live action/CGI series, do! Now, the popular “paleontologist approved” show is available on DVD with “Dino Dan – Dino Trackers,” the premiere title in a brand new series from NCircle Entertainment.

To celebrate the launch of the DVD, we would love to give you this DVD so you can share it with your kiddies, thanks to NCircle Entertainment.

Do your kiddos didn’t know these facts about dinosaurs? Ask them!

a Brachiosaurus could live up to one hundred years!
a Corythosaurus dinosaur had a large protective plate on top of its head.
a Spinosaurus had bony rods on its back that held up a “sail” made of skin.

The “Dino Dan – Dino Trackers” DVD contains five adventure stories featuring a boy nicknamed Dino Dan (played by Jason Spevack). He’s a curious 10-year-old who imagines there are real dinosaurs living all around him – but only he can see them! The DVD’s interactive bonus content adds to the enjoyment. It is priced at $12.99 suggested retail.

Dinosaurs never lose their appeal to kids of all ages – but what makes the “Dino Dan” series unique is that it was developed under the guidance of paleontologists at Canada’s Royal Tyrrell Museum in Alberta. In fact, your readers may be interested to know that a real-life paleontologist at the museum named Dr. Don Henderson is the inspiration for the “Dino Dan” character!

Dino Dan Giveaway Details

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Winner will be chosen Friday, February 17th.
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Must be 18+.

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  • Modern Day Moms

    My daughter LOVES Dino Dan!

  • Suzette

    My girls are obsessed with dinosaurs, especially the 5yr old. She’s pretty sure she’s going to be a paleontologist when she grows up. :)

  • Stacey Chaffee

    I have two boys that love dinosaurs and movies so this would be a fun surprise for them :D

  • Leah Hennager

    My four year old is Dino (esp. T-Rex) craaaaazy! We have to read our dinosaur fact book every night! He surprisingly knows A LOT about them!

  • Shelly Richter

    My son Colton loves Dino Dan and is such a huge Dinosaur fan! Also his 5th Birthday is next Saturday and what an awesome Birthday gift that would be!

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