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Homemade Valentines Cards

Instead of buying Valentines for our family, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and anyone else that would love a memorable keepsake here is any easy and adorable craft that will for sure make them feel loved.


Watercolor Paper – Folded in Half
Red Washable Paint
Paint Brush
Stamp Ink
Heart Sticker






How to:

1. Fold the water color paper in half. Place the paper with the crease closest to you.

2. Paint your kids hands with the red washable paint, it is easier if you use a paint brush. The washable paint make it so much easier to rinse away and for those messes that may happen at the table.

3. Place the hands on the paper with thumbs touching and first fingers touching so that the shape will look like a heart. Make sure to press each finger and palm down. While your child may do it on their own, I promise it is worth the added seconds to be sure, to get the best prints. I didn’t on the first one and it was not good.

4. Let the paint hands dry overnight is best, or at least for two hours.

5. Once the cards are dry use the stamp in the middle of the heart and add a heart sticker. Of course any valentine stamp will work, this is the one that I happened to find. Then, you are ready to write a message inside and send off or hand deliver!

Happy Valentines Day!

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