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How I Transformed My Bathroom Floors for Under $12

Tile is hard to keep clean and the grooves in between each tile is even more of a headache. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered a little gem that will transform your tiles from “blah” to “WHOA” for under $12! $11.97 to be exact.

This little gem of a product is called MAPEI 8-oz White Grout Refresh. I found it at my local Lowes.

MAPEI 8-oz White Grout Refresh $11.97

MAPEI 8-oz White Grout Refresh

This product is a universal grout colorant and sealant that restores the look of tile grout. Colors, seals and creates a uniform color. It is easy to apply and clean for both vertical and horizontal applications. It can be used on both interior and exterior grout. This product allows grout to be changed to any Grout Refresh color. For use on sanded, unsanded and epoxy grouts. Cure time ranges between 30 min to 120 min. Grout renew is a ready-to-use, nonflammable, water-based, polymer modified colorant and sealer for grout joints.

Our downstairs bathroom always looked dirty no matter how hard I scrubbed. The previous owners had grouted the floor with a tan/peachy looking grout that was awful, hard to clean, and would absorb dirt like nothing else.

Here is a before:


I took the grout refresh and applied it to the floor with a small, thin paintbrush. One that you’d probably use to paint a small canvas. I also kept a damp sponge with me to wipe up any excess. This product will absorb in your dirty grout and cover almost any spot! I was blown away!

Here is the after:


This was very easy to use! It’s pretty simple. Give yourself a little time to do it. Took me about an hour but it really depends on how big your room is. You can use this in the kitchen, the bathroom… any room in your house. It also says this can be used for exterior grout too which leads me to believe that it’s super sturdy.


I highly recommend trying this product! I was amazed with the results and feel like my bathroom looks brand new!

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