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How to Blend Classic and Modern in Your Home Decor

We lust over the newest technologies, but spend our weekends hopping from op-shop to op-shop. So, how is that we balance classic and modern in every aspect of our lives, but seem to take the plunge in our home decor? Finding that styling sweet spot between modern and classic will give you the home of your dreams, and it won’t look half bad either.

Functionality first

When it comes to your accent piece you want to make sure it is both functional and stylish at the same time. A great way to blend function with classic and modern style is with a leather lounge. Leather lounges offer a unique style of their own and can really set a room apart from the first sight.

A leather lounge can blend the classic decor associated with european style with the modern functionality of an accent piece. When it comes to your furniture, style and function don’t need to be experienced on their own, a leather lounge is a great example of that.

Aesthetic second

With functionality taken care of, now you can focus on those pieces that give your home that wow factor. Consider a modern item such as a mock fireplace, which may not provide much warmth, but will certainly add a level of fire in your style. If you are looking for an even bigger piece to add to your home decor, then you could even consider a grand piano. You won’t have to learn how to play, but adding the classic style of a grand piano to your home decor will certainly turn a few heads. Aesthetics are all about adding to your style without the need for a function in your day to day.

Less is more

Finding the right decor and balance between your styles is all about understanding that less is more. If you have ever walked into a home with artwork that covers every square inch of available wallspace, then you know what I mean. Instead look for a balanced approach to your accent pieces. Find a classical piece of artwork for that feature wall, or consider a modern approach with a statue or even a vertical garden.

Blending modern and classic styles doesn’t mean adding more and more, it is about finding pieces that work together. If you opt for a vertical garden, look for classic artwork or pieces which suit, for example ornamental jugs or glassware.

If in doubt, seek advice

When it comes to your home decor, you want to get it right. When you first get started, it may seem like an insurmountable challenge. If that sounds like you, then don’t be afraid to ask for a little help. Consider reaching out to a stylist or home designer who will be able to provide plenty of tips to finding the right balance.

Stylists live for these types of challenges, and the right person will dive deep into what you want. Before seeking advice, prepare a brief to let them know exactly what you want, and more importantly what you don’t. Doing this will help everyone get the outcome they want.

Blending a classic and modern style in your home decor can be a real challenge. But it isn’t impossible. Think hard about what you want, the styles you really love and consider these tips to help finish with the home decor of your dreams.


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