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Keeping The House Clean When You Have Kids

Are you too tired to clean the carpet by yourself? How to maintain the hygiene of the house? Are you worried about your kid’s health? How to get rid of your pet’s hair stuck in the carpet? What are some of the efficient carpet cleaning tools? Are they capable enough to bring the shine back?


Well, the list below answers all the above queries, the essential tools for an efficient carpet cleaning ensuring good health and hygiene are :



  • Vacuum cleaners



Ideal for deep cleaning of room carpets, vacuum cleaners is one of the most efficient and user-friendly carpet cleaning tools to be used at home or office. Its air suction technology with ample storage makes it a great combination of value and performance. With the evolvement of new technologies in the cleaning industry, vacuum cleaners and carpet steam cleaners have gained a lot of importance in the recent years. Upright vacuum cleaners with bagless technology is evidence of the evolving cleaning industry and its technologies.


Advantages of using Upright vacuum cleaners :


  1. User-Friendly.
  2. Quick and efficient.
  3. Purify air quality.
  4. Removes pet hair and other allergens.


When you are worried about the cleanliness at your house just before the party, pick up the vacuum cleaner and let it do the work for you. Mothers busy with their kids daily routine can help themselves with a vacuum cleaner and enjoy their day comfortably.



  • Sprayers



Want to blow in some life in your tired and rugged carpet? Yes, it is not at all a difficult task anymore. Although it is believed that most of the carpet steam cleaners and upholstery cleaners skip the preconditioning step of using the right choice of a sprayer, but using the right choice and the right amount of sprayers will help you get the best cleaning results.The variety of sprayers, whether a battery-driven electric sprayer or a trigger sprayer, all of them find their utility somewhere or the other.


Advantages of using sprayers before getting started with the carpet cleaning process


  1. Good preconditioning
  2. Portability
  3. Easy to use and operate
  4. No more hassle of hand pumping, if using an electric or battery driven sprayers
  5. Excellent penetration and emulsification



  • Carpet cleaning power wands



Traditional carpet cleaners would come to your house, spray down some solution onto the carpet and then vacuum it with a conventional carpet cleaning wand. It is time to say bye to these traditional cleaning wands and welcome the new far more advanced power wands, with rotatory extractors and multiple nozzles bagging a vacuum slot underneath. These power wands are efficient enough to make thousands of cleaning passes per minute.


Benefits of using power bands :


  1. Consistent.
  2. Thorough extraction of oil and residue.
  3. Deeper cleaning
  4. Faster drying time



  • Carpet Rakes



Want to get rid of your pet hair stuck in the carpet? Carpet rakes are just an ideal tool that will not only rejuvenate your carpet but also revitalise your tired looking carpet. It will help pull pet hair stuck deep within the rugs and carpets lying in your living room.

Tip: It is advisable to keep it out of the reach of children.


Advantages of using Carpet rakes :


  1. Easy to operate.
  2. Lightweight and non-electric.
  3. Pull out hair and fur that can’t be removed with vacuum cleaners.
  4. Quiet, fast and effective


These are some of the essential tools to be used for an efficient carpet cleaning at your house, we have given you enough reasons to contact a trusted carpet cleaning company or a residential and commercial carpet cleaner right now that will not only help you bring back the lost shine of your carpet but also give you the required peace of mind when your child is playing on the floor. We understand the importance of your kid’s health and your concern for complete cleanliness at home.

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