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Lawn Care and Gardening Tips for Busy Moms

The work of a mother is never done. When you’re not tending to the needs of your children or your marriage, you’re spending time giving the home the TLC it needs. Though you enjoy your role, with so many responsibilities, it seems to never be enough time in the day to get it all done. Tasks like gardening and lawn care take a back seat to extracurricular activities and work. If your lawn looks like it hasn’t been cared for in some time, these tips should help you whip it back into shape.

Use Mulch to Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds are pesky little things that can sprout out at a moments notice. They can wreak havoc on your lawn or garden and can grow to astronomical heights if you don’t chop them down at the root. This lawn care task, however, can be time-consuming, to say the least. To save yourself some time, adding mulch to flower beds and areas highly concentrated with weed growth. The mulch helps to reduce the amount of sunlight exposure the weeds gets, which keeps them from growing back as quickly.

Consider Wildflowers

If you’re looking for a way to add curb appeal to your home but you don’t have the time, patience, or energy to devote to selecting individual flowers and shrubs, consider planting wildflower gardens in your back or front yard. Wildflowers are a beautiful sight and can bring life to any plain, boring, green lawn. With products like Nature’s Seed wildflower seed mix, you can have an array of flowers blooming in your yard within a few months.

Choose Crops Easily

If you love the idea of being able to grow your own crops, but don’t have the time to maintain them, it is especially important that you choose your crops wisely. Look for produce that is easy to care for and requires very little attention to detail. While herbs and greens like cabbage, green bell peppers, and the like are often fairly easy to tend to, fruiting crops such as tomatoes, corn, and eggplant can require a lot more attention and care.

Less is More

Though you may want a lawn that is filled with an array of trees, flowers, crops and lush green grass, this may not be possible for a busy mom who doesn’t have the time to be hands-on with her lawn and garden. Sometimes less is more. For instance, opting for a small window garden or a patch of flowers versus a yard full of them cuts down the time you’ll have to maintain them. Find a neat and simplistic layout that allows you to have a yard you’re happy seeing, but not overwhelmed by caring for.

Hire an Expert for Difficult Tasks

There are some lawn and garden maintenance tasks that you may not feel you can do on your own. They can either be too time-consuming or too dangerous like the trimming and pruning of trees or cutting the grass on a weekly basis in the spring and summer. For this, you hire the professionals. They offer very affordable service contracts that include basic lawn and tree care.

Use Gardening Time as Quality Time

Every mom loves to be able to kill two birds with one stone. One way to conquer this is to turn gardening time into quality time with the kids. Gardening can be a great learning experience and a great way for you to teach your children how to produce their own flowers and crops. They can help with tedious tasks like pulling weeds or watering dry flower beds giving you time to handle the more complex jobs.

It may seem like your list of things to do is never-ending as a mother. If lawn and garden care have found their way to the back of your list of priorities, there are solutions to cut your gardening time in half without spending a ton of money. Keep these tips in mind as you try to get a handle on your lawn and garden.

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