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Love Grilled Cheese? Check out The Melt

It’s almost Fall. School is officially in session and the sun is setting earlier each night. For most of us moms, Fall means scrambling to make school night dinners a success with something quick, yummy, filling and comforting before homework time. What fits the bill in our house? Grilled cheese!

For a twist on the classic melt, we asked Lori Fulmer, Chef & Senior Manager of Product Innovation at THE MELT for her tips on how to spice up this weekday crowd pleaser.


Do: Use salted butter when buttering the bread. It highlights the flavors of the ingredients.

Do: Shred the cheese. Shredded cheese allows you to blend multiple flavors and melts more quickly so you get the perfect ooey gooey melt and toast on the bread.

Do: Use 5/8″-3/4″ thick artisanal bead to add texture, crunch and keep the proper ratio of cheese to bread.

Do: Have fun playing with creative combinations! Jalapenos! Brie & apples! Mushrooms! Or make a sweet sandwich with marshmallows and chocolate!

Don’t: Forget to let the grilled cheese melt set for about 1 minute when it comes off the grill, allow the center to fully melt and flavors to combine.

Don’t: Overload your grilled cheese with wildcard ingredients. Keep the cheese the hero…after all, it is a grilled CHEESE! 

Do: Make your melts fun! At THE MELT, we offer THE KID melt in a fun “Cheesyville” monster container along with fresh sliced apples, activity placemat, stickers and Crayola crayons. Have fun with how you plate and present dinner to keep kids engaged.

Lori Fulmer, Chef & Senior Manager of Product Innovation at THE MELT


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Headquartered in San Francisco, California, THE MELT is simply “Grilled Cheese Happiness “. Currently operating 16 locations throughout California, this fast casual eatery combines chef-inspired, all-natural, wholesome food with innovative online ordering technology in an eco-friendly environment.

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