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Medi Bag – Family First Aid Kit by me4kidz

We go through a lot of band-aids around here… or “Boo-Dee-A’s” as my young daughter calls them. It seems that she has to have a band-aid for almost anything… except when she actually needs it. She is terrified of “boo-boos and owwies” so imagine my surprise when she approved of this Medi Bag!

First aid has taken on a new face with a smile. me4kidz is focused on making first aid fun! Clean it, Fix it & Back to Play because life is too short to be hurt and who wants to see their child cry? When you purchase any of the me4kidz award-winning products you give back to the disabled community.

The Medi Bag is one of my favorites! A perfect kit to bring with you wherever you go, or just keep it at home for all your medical needs.

me4kidz is a wonderful company! Here’s why:

Family Owned and Operated: Keeping family core values a focal point in an ever changing world
Manufactured in the USA: Providing jobs in the United States and supporting our Country
Employing the Disabled: Giving Back to the disabled community and making a difference
Using recycled, lead free plastic: Making a conscious effort to protect our Mother Earth

What’s Inside:

(12) Assorted kid-friendly bandages, (12) junior bandages, (12) ” X 3″ sheer bandages, (2) knee & elbow bandages (2) Fingertip bandages, (20) Antiseptic sting-free wipes, (6) 2X 2 gauze pads, (6) 3 X 3 gauze pads, (1) Anti-itch ointment, (2) Antibiotic ointments, (1) sting relief pad, (1) Burn gel, (1) First aid guide, (1) instant cold pack, (2) hand sanitizer packs, (2) blue kid-friendly exam gloves (1) plastic disposable tweezers, (10) applicator cotton swabs, (1) emergency information label, (20) kid-friendly fun stickers, (1) 45 item refill kit coupon, (1) Doctor’s bag organized case

You can purchase all of their products on their site here:

*I received a medi-bag of my own, but the opinion & review of this product is from me personally*

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  • Leah Sampson Hennager

    I love this. I have something similar but this is a must have item :)

    • Jessica

      Thanks!! We love this medi bag :)

  • Leah Sampson Hennager

    I love this. I have something similar but this is a must have item :)

  • Camping Glamis

    “Boo-Dee-A’s” I love her term. :) Every child is very sensitive when it comes to treating their boo-boo. When we use regular first-aid kits, they get worried just by the look of it. That’s why I find this product interesting because it looks so child-friendly. No child would be nervous anymore when they see what’s inside this Medi Bag. :)

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