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Moms, let’s officially declare Monday as MOMday

Monday isn’t the best day of the week and frankly, no-cook-Monday didn’t sound as good as MOMday so let’s declare MOMday to be a day of relaxing… It’s the first of the week, who wants to start the week off with stress and never-ending to-do lists? What if we make Monday a day to AVOID the kitchen and just focus on what is important???? Sounds good to me.

Let’s transform plain old Monday into MOMday. We have partnered with Firehouse Subs to start the week off right by not having to cook and still feed your family a quality meal, all while earning double rewards points — making Monday a little less mundane, and a bit easier to tackle. 

Our new favorite thing to do is pick up Firehouse Subs for dinner. Now that they have the new rewards app, we are able to earn points which we can then redeem for free food rewards!


Earn points when you eat at Firehouse Subs. Save up your points and redeem them for free food rewards like meal upgrades, free subs, and more! Add it all up and it equals delicious.

Use their app to:

  • Manage your points and rewards
  • Order in-app and access your recent orders
  • Find nearby Firehouse Subs locations
  • Play our game for bonus points
  • Receive a birthday reward on your birthday (Birthday Sub FAQ)
  • Sign up for Firehouse Rewards and receive a free large drink with your next sub purchase!

Download for iOS
Download for Android
Sign up online

Over the next month, we will be sharing ideas and news regarding these rewards so stay tuned for more exciting details!

In the meantime, download the app and start earning points with us! It’s super easy to use.

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