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New Trick For Old Candles

Burn time: 20 hours. 20 hours? That’s like… 2 days of the house smelling good.

It happens all the time… I buy a candle, burn it for a week or so and the wick is suddenly done. That’s it?! What am I supposed to do with the rest of the wax? Usually there is quite a bit left. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to do a little experiment.

You see, my husband doesn’t like essential oils. The things that plug into the walls? Forget about it, makes him sick. Candles however, he can tolerate. Certain scents of course. You won’t see me burning anything that smells like flowers blooming in the spring time. I have mentioned before that my absolute favorite candle is Fireside from Target. The “Home” brand is only $5.99 for a jar and smells like a smokey fireplace, without the coughing and hacking.

Once the wick had burned all the way down, I decided to cut up the wax into cubes from inside the jar. This was fairly easy and mess free. Once I cut the cubes, I placed them into a baggy to keep. I went out and bought a wax warmer from my local store, like the one seen here from Walmart by Better Homes & Gardens.

They also have that warmer in RED, which is freaking adorable.

I placed 1 wax cube into the burner, one that I had created from my previous candle, and wah-lah. One cube will last a long time. I have found that the scent is actually a little stronger this way, which I do not mind at all.

Buy a pack of cheap little votives for your burner… and with this trick, you can make your candle go pretty far. Enjoy and let us know if you try it.

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  • Lou

    Great idea! Another quick fix is to use a candle warmer, it heats the jar and is essentially the same idea :-) I found one on amazon:

    • Jessica

      Oh, that is also a great idea! I have never seen these. Thanks Lou.

  • Anne Happy Camper

    What a wonderful idea! I think that you can make a business out of this. LOL. Why not, right?

  • Megan

    I tried this with a BHG candle that i love from walmart. Unfortunately it didnt work as the candle wax seems to have a higher melting point that the wax tarts do not :(

  • Megan

    I had some friends coming over last week and had run out of tarts. So desporation called for some ingenuity. I’d found several amazing smelling soy wax candles at Marshall’s, on clearance for $1.00 each, months ago that I’ve never used. I spooned out the wax straight into the bowls and voila! Since then I’ve used 1 candle to fill 4 heaters for over a week! The fact that it’s soy wax may allow for the lower heat temp.

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