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For Your Home: Orange Cinnamon Clove Simmer

There is nothing like the fall season. I am a big fan. Every since I can remember, my mom always prepared this amazing concoction on the stove and would let it simmer quietly as it filled the entire house with this amazing, spiced scent.

The best thing about this is it’s also great anytime of year.

It’s very easy and if you are already preparing to have an orange as a snack, save those peels!

For me, I love spices and my kitchen spice racks are full to the brim of exotic spices. Surely you have a spice rack and if you don’t… that’s okay too. Grab what you have on hand. This is perfect for those who have husbands who can’t stand “artificial” scents, oils, etc. This smells like you’ve been cooking in the kitchen all day… I’m sure no one will be complaining.

Orange Cinnamon Clove Simmer (not edible)

What You Will Need:

Orange Peels
Cinnamon Sticks (or ground)
Whole Cloves (or ground)
Dash of Vanilla Extract


1. Grab a smaller pot and add in your orange peels, cinnamon, cloves and vanilla.

2. Pour enough water to cover the peels.

3. Turn the burner on low/simmer and let it simmer for a while. Check on it every now and then to make sure the water level is fine. You don’t want burnt orange peels.. That’s not really the scent we are going for this time. Just add water when it needs it.

Note: If you end up using ground cinnamon, you can always go out and by a cheap jar (from walmart) for under $1.00 and use it specifically for this. I only add maybe 1 tbsp at a time and refresh it weekly with new peels, cinnamon, etc.

Mmmm.. I can smell it already. Time to refill the spice racks now and make another pot!

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  • Claudia Gladish

    I’ve done this for years, and it continues to enchant us all.

    • Jessica

      Do you have any secrets? Do you use the same ingredients?

      • Stacie w

        Do u use the orange or just the orange peel

        • Modern Day Moms

          You can use both if you like but I just used the orange peel after I ate the orange :D

  • Danielle

    I’ve done this for a while too, smells so awesome! I use cinnamon sticks and I don’t always add the cloves. I’ve never added the extract either, but I’ll have to try that now!

  • Modern Day Moms

    This little trick is better than candles if you ask me! ~Rebekah

    • Jessica

      Yes!! Much stronger smell.

  • Deanna

    I just put a batch on the stove. …can’t wait! How long do you normally let it simmer? Do you normally throw it away at the end of the day, or can you use it again the next day?

    Thanks for the idea!

    • Jessica

      I use the same batch for at least a week! I refresh it here and there with extra peels etc. I dump it out when it starts losing that “oomph”.

      I let it summer for an hour or two (your preference)

      * Just make sure you watch the water level and add new water when it needs it.

  • ev

    It is great if you have people with breathing problems who live in you home. My daughter has very severe asthma and smells are one of her worst triggers. I can just simmer pots and it does not bother her.

  • Cindy

    Once this is made you use it in a candle warmer!

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