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Our Family Cabin Destroyed by Rim Fire

It’s hard to explain just how much a small little cabin in the woods can mean to one family. It’s not so much the actual cabin itself but more so the memories that were made from one such place. If those walls could talk, they would have a lot to say.

Our family cabin in Groveland, California near Yosemite was built 70+ years ago and originally had an outhouse and no hot water. Over the years, it progressed into a beautiful two-story retreat that would be the home of many of our family members at different times throughout the years. The neighbors all knew each other. The Fire Department became friends. You knew everyone by their first names. That’s just how it was.

When I was a little girl, I would hike around the property, play in the creek, swing on the rope swing, shoot tomato cans, play with my cousins, enjoy spending time with family. I have so many memories of our beloved cabin.

Of course, with a cabin in the middle of a forest, you have your fire threats and alerts but you never really think that it could all one day be gone… until it actually is.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Rim Fire in California right now. Started in Stanislaus National Forest and is making it’s way through Yosemite National Park as we speak. Right now, 5% contained and has destroyed over 150,000 acres and many homes & cabins….. including our own.

photo 1

The fire was making its way up Sawmill Mountain Road and unfortunately, it destroyed homes in its path.

photo 2

Yes, our cabin is gone but the memories will last forever.

For those who are looking for information regarding the Rim Fire, I found this number helpful: 805-727-4775.

News clips regarding the cabin:

NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams

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The Today Show

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ABC News

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  • Dana Richards

    Sorry to hear you cabin was destroyed :( We have a family cabin on Evergreen Rd. It’s still standing, But fire all around it….

    • Modern Day Moms

      Oh my goodness. Prayers!

  • Dan Courtney

    So sorry to hear about your loss.
    I’m your neighbor on Sawmill Mountain Road.
    Dan Courtney

    • Modern Day Moms

      Wow, just emailed you!

  • Greta

    I’m so very sorry!!

  • Cheryl

    Still feel a bit numb! It hurts. Jessica, I bathed you in the kitchen sink, and cooked your eggs on the pot belly stove. Praying we can rebuild, but nothing can take away the precious memories. Awesome piece daughter!

  • Missy

    I am so sorry for your loss – we have a family cabin on the same road. So sad to think of what has happened. We finally heard today that the house is still standing, covered in red fire retardant…hoping it is a reliable report.

    • Modern Day Moms

      Holding on to hope for you, Missy!

  • Dan

    I’m very sorry to see the damage done by this fire, to your cherished family cabin, and to the hundreds of thousands of acres of beautiful wilderness. You seem to have many wonderful memories to hold on to during this difficult time. That is very important.

    If you have any questions about re-building your cabin, and creating new memories, please contact me. Concordia Claims Managers has been a dedicated resource to all those affected by the Rim Fires through our Facebook page, and we help people through crisis situations everyday. Please let me know if you have time to speak.

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