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Reader question: “I was thinking about signing up for Anyone had any experience with this site? Good or bad, anything would be awesome. Thanks guys!”

Owned and created by Age of Learning, Inc., located in Glendale, CA, is an educational website for young children that provides online learning activities for 2-6 year olds at preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten levels.

Reader Responses:

Karen – My three year old daughter loves it! Within the first day, she knew how to use the mouse (left click & drag and drop). ABCmouse rewards with tickets and lets the child go shopping to buy fun stuff (which makes her want to “play” longer). She has learned a lot. We’ve had it for about three months now and I would definitely recommend it. ABCmouse teaches ABC’s, numbers, shapes, colors, songs, reading, etc. We set up her own profile on our computer and changed the security level so she can’t get in to any other programs on her profile without password approval. Go for it!

Janice – My son loves it! You have to really work side by side with your child to get the most out of it, but they will learn. The only thing it is lacking in so far is a lack of reinforcement of concepts learned in previous lessons. Children need to learn new concepts hand in hand with reviewing information they learned previously. As a former teacher and a mom, I would recommend only if you are willing to provide that extra reinforcement
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J reana – My 2 year old LOVES it!!! Best monthly investment!

Heather – My kids LOVE it! It’s nothing like flashcards. I can’t stand flashcards because I believe they kill the fun of learning, but makes learning fun. They get to play games and learn while they do it!

RuthAnne – I did for my 6 year old and it all looked great she was having fun except their website is extremely hard to navigate around. Very confusing.

Modern Day Moms – Great for little kiddies who show an interest in technology too, I bet. I have never tried but I am intrigued.

Carli – My daughters use it at their grandmothers. My 3 year old has no interest in learning in the ways that my 5 year old did. Flashcards, magnet letters, puzzles, no thanks. She would sit still for more consistently.

Jillian – Im so glad you asked this, as I have been too

Ashley – My 20 month old is using it and she really likes it!

Shaun – We use it and we love it!

Janice – I will say, it isn’t just flashcards, but like I said before: you have to be willing to invest the time. Working with your child AND incorporating abc mouse would provide a great balance. They love the technology, and they need to be familiar with it in today’s world!

Cynthia – My 7 yr old is constantly telling me I need to get it for my 3 yr old. After reading all the comments here, I think we’ll try it!

Claudia – My 4-year old loves it. Especially when we took our family vacation this summer to Utah. He constantly clicked on the same letter until he memorized it. It kept him busy and away from his brothers gadgets, lol.. I also recommend leapfrog DVDs . They are a great learning tool.

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