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Peg Perego Recall: The Facts

Peg Perego stopped by to talk about the recall they just issued. What better way to get the facts than directly from the source.

Hello All,
As you are probably aware, this week we announced a recall on older model Venezia and Pliko P3 strollers. Communication was sent out intended to assist consumers, but in doing so, prompted additional questions. Below is a list of FAQs we compiled as a response to some of the more pressing issues surrounding this recall.

Frequently Asked Questions about the recall

Why is Peg Perego recalling strollers in 2012 in response to an incident that occurred in 2004?

Unfortunately Peg Perego was not notified of this unfortunate death at the time of the incident. Once we learned about this incident in July 2010, we cooperated with the CPSC to determine the proper course of action and to find a solution, which resulted in the recall.


Why is the recall only on strollers manufactured before 2007?

The recalled strollers were manufactured prior to the existence of the January 2008 voluntary industry Standards which addressed the height of the opening between the stroller’s tray and seat bottom. The voluntary Standards require larger stroller openings that prevent infant entrapment and strangulation hazards. In 2007 Peg Perego immediately modified all of their strollers to adhere to the new Standards. All Peg Perego strollers manufactured after 2007 meet these new requirements. Since products manufactured before 2007 may still be in use, or sold in the aftermarket, we decided to proceed with the recall.

Models Affected:
IPFR28US34xxxxxxxx; IPFT28NA63; IPFT28NA64; IPP328MU10; IPP328MU09; IPP328US09; IPP328US10; IPP329US10; IPPA28US32; IPPA28US33; IPPA28US34; IPPD28NA34; IPPF28NA32; IPPF28NA57; IPPF28NA65; IPPF28NA66; IPPF28NA67; IPPF28NA68; IPPO28US32; IPPO28US34; IPPO28US62; IPPO28US69; IPPO28US70; IPPO28US71; IPVA13MU09; IPVA13MU10; IPVA13US09; IPVA13US10; IPVA13US32; IPVA13US34; IPVC13NA32; IPVC13NA34


What should I do if I own a recalled stroller?

Peg Perego is offering a free repair/prevention kit for these strollers; it can be requested by following this link This repair/prevention kit is an additional passive restraint to be attached to the strollers to enclose the opening.

Peg Perego would like to remind parents that proper supervision and the use of the safety harness (originally provided with the strollers) avoids risk of entrapment and strangulation.

To learn more about stroller safety, please visit CPSC page ( )


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