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Places To Visit: Eden Roc Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

The Eden Roc Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida was able to provide us every luxury a hotel of it calibre should provide. The staff if the hotel were courteous and personable from the minute we stepped foot on the property. We were promptly greeted by valet who handed us off to the bellman, who handed us off to check in. The process was dialed in so smoothly that we couldn’t have asked for more.


We were celebrating our wedding anniversary and were pleased to find an impeccably cleaned and luxurious room overlooking the deep blue, crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Our time I’m Miami was peppered with a mix of tourist attractions and local flare both. We toured the south beach boutiques and marveled at the wonderful shops.





There was something for everyone. A trek through the local neighborhoods gave us a taste of the area and it brought us to more shopping and also our lunch destination. We had lunch at a cuban cafe, Puerto Sagua, recommended to us by some celebrity friends, and found it to be exactly as described. It’s food was speedy, affordable and deliciously authentic. It was definitely a standout restaurant during our stay.

Fortunately our hotel was a stones throw away and we took a cab back to our room for a surprisingly affordable fare.

The rest of the day left us sampling the hot tubs and infinity pools that Eden roc beautifully maintains. They were all unique with one suited for laps, another more family friendly, and yet another for adults only.

The gym, where I spent my early morning before the family got up, was a well thought out and functional workout space that also gave a view of the Atlantic. Watching the sun rise, while jogging or lifting weights is an excellent way to charge yourself for the excitement of Miami.

We planned a trip to visit Zoo Miami, which visiting the zoo has become a family tradition, and favorite part for our daughter on family getaways.

I have to admit that this was the most well maintained, and all encompassing zoo experience in any zoo we have visited. The animals looked healthy, well-fed and happy in their large and dedicated living spaces, and they were both diverse and beautiful. We were lucky enough to be part of their Halloween extravaganza that included free trick-or treat bags and various stations around the zoo for children to pick up candy. It was very nice and so welcoming for us to be able to really feel part of the zoo experience.

The standout, absolute standout restaurant of our trip was located inside of the Eden Roc Hotel. 15 Steps, which was located just steps away from our hotel lobby, but took us inside to an elegant dining experience courtesy of their chef Jeremy Ford.

To call him a chef would be an absolute understatement, this culinary expert paired foods with knowledge of flavor, foods function and the subtle care that only a master of his craft could create. He was able to prepare dishes to my specific dietary needs (vegan) and still have them filling, delicious and arranged in a way that would make the subtle brush strokes of Renoir look like finger painting.

We enjoyed the restaurant so much we booked a reservation for our final night as well. In addition to the special care of chef Ford, everyone from the minute we entered the restaurant, from the pleasant and friendly man from Barbados that attended to our water almost as soon as we’d have a sip from the glass, to the wait staff making sure our meals were everything we expected, went above and beyond to make us feel welcomed, honored and treated like royalty.

Eden Roc Hotel is more than a hotel, it is a spectacular experience that brings your into the heart of the Miami beach lifestyle. We experienced a live dj without leaving our hotel, that was another highlight for all of us, and were able to leave Eden roc with a great set of memories that not only made out anniversary so special, but also made our Miami experience unforgettable and tough to match.




Miami beach, you’ve captured out hearts and we hope to see you again soon.

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