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Places To Visit: Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa

The Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa is one of the finest properties I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Upon arrival I had the option to self Park or valet, though I was directed to parking right in front of my villa. How easy is that?

The front desk staff was attentive and knowledgeable and gave me a map of the property which highlighted points of interest. I walked the grounds for a while after checking into my room and was pleased to see such a vast and diverse property that could accommodate us all.

After settling into my room I headed out to dinner at 619 Ocean View located within the Cabana Beach club. The panoramic beachfront view was absolutely incredible and I was able to delight in a fantastic dinner, all the while served by a motivated and friendly waitstaff. The menu consisted of fresh seafood, steaks and many different specials. It didn’t take me long to pick out the perfect steak and after some delicious appetizers I sank my teeth into one of the finest steaks I’ve ever had.

I returned to the hotel via the shuttle and spent the rest of my evening in the hotel relaxing in their spacious and comfortable rooms and having a bath in their large bathtub. I always bring some bath salts and enjoy some quiet time after a trip to a hotel. It was perfect!

Breakfast was at Vernon’s where I enjoyed a buffet that had a great deal of variety. Pancakes, eggs, and bacon were on my plate and I couldn’t have asked for better service.

The afternoon brought me to the historic St. Augustine. I wanted to explore the historical and cute city that was only a few miles away. St. Augustine is a fantastic city that I have visited before and have gone into a great amount of detail in our other article here:



One new thing that I had never experienced was a tour of the St. Augustine distillery. St. Augustine distillery make super premium small-batch spirits. I felt like I stepped back in time as I was led through the museum on property, shown a short film Monday history of distilling and also taking behind-the-scenes to see a production of the spirits themselves.

Located in the back of the distillery was the ice plant bar and restaurant. There was no stone left unturned in the design of this place. Everything from the music playing, to the outfits of the waitstaff let me believe I was back in time. Their handcrafted food and spirits, mainly from local purveyors, impressed me and filled my belly both. This is a perfect destination for your family as you are able to have lunch immediately after the tour and fill up a decent part of your day without wondering what to do next.

I spent the rest of the day enjoying St. George Street and it’s many shops. There truly is something for everyone on St. George Street and needless to say I came home with my bags being a little bit heavier with souvenirs of my time there.

I had dinner at Alice and Pete’s, the new signature restaurant of the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa and it was named after the architects that helped design the golf course. This restaurant had a sports bar feel while having food on the menu that could please the pickiest of child eaters. Their french fries came highly recommended by the “director of fun” who headed the kids club, so I know he knew what he was talking about. His recommendation also means that it could please the pickiest of mama eaters as well. We were pleased.

The Sawgrass spa was accommodating and offered me a deep tissue massage and I was delighted to see a full-service nail salon on site. Nothing says luxury like having a good massage and facial. It was a comfortable and luxurious escape.

Afterwards I decided to spend a little time in the pool before the sun got too hot and enjoyed my time there. There are two pools in that area as well as two hot tubs. The hot tubs give you a breathtaking view of the golf course as they are nestled in beautiful trees for a private and relaxing experience. The pools are large enough to do laps, and have a slow grade for those little swimmers that need to touch the bottom still.

I had lunch poolside at the 100th hole and I was happy to enjoy in a delicious wrap. This was the perfect kind of food to have around the pool as it was very light but filling. Fresh fruit came with mine, and I was fueled up for the rest of my day.


I couldn’t stay at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa without spending some time at the Cabana Beach club. The beach club is a private club on a beautiful ocean front location. It has the perfect family atmosphere and is private so that you can have an intimate time with your own family. They have many water-sport rentals as well as a beachside bar and Grill. Wireless Internet access was very helpful in jotting down notes while I was there, but it didn’t take long for me to consider indulging in some of the fun rentals, including standup paddle boards. I opted for a beach chair and umbrella instead, however and enjoyed the view.

I returned on the shuttle with just enough time to get ready for my dinner at Vernon. Vernon’s is the newest restaurant and named after the general manager and president of the PGA tour, Vernon Kelly. The signature restaurants highlights flavors from the coast including a raw bar and shouted bar. I really thought that Vernon’s stole the show that night with their fantastically crafted menu. I was pleased to find out they offered grass fed beef and even happier to find out when it came to my table it was one of the best steaks I have had in my life.

The Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa is a wonderful place not only for golfers but also for families. Admittedly I don’t know anything about golf but I do know that is the main drive to bring people there. If you or someone in your family is a golfer but you are not, the resort offers more than enough to keep the entire family entertained. They have a kids club that has activities for children ages 5 to 12 as well as enough to keep you busy in and around the resort. With a close proximity to not only St. Augustine but also Jacksonville this is a great hub for a relaxing getaway away from the hustle of the city and into the lap of luxury. Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa was a wonderful experience and I surely will return in the future.

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