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Have you ever been to a baby shower and played those baby food guessing games? They are disgusting. Even if you choose not to participate, you can hear the commentary from everyone who is playing and 99.9% of the time they can’t figure out what’s in it. My rule of thumb? If I won’t eat it, why feed it to my kids? As a matter of fact… Have you ever looked at the ingredients in one of those jarred baby foods? I’m sorry, but I can only recognize about three ingredients before I start going.. “huh?” I like to know what exactly my kids are getting and make sure it’s a meal that I would be willing to eat. Which is why I chose to make my own baby food.

So now that I am back to working full time and my son is being watched, some days I just don’t have the time to prepare a breakfast and lunch for him so I am so glad that I found a great company like Plum Organics to keep around for those quick food emergencies. We were already HUGE fans of their Super Puffs. Oh man are those good! I’ll admit, my husband and I like to eat them as well. Especially with flavors like banana & peach, blueberry & purple sweet potato, strawberry & beet- how can we not? Not only are Plum Organics baby foods delicious but you know exactly what your child is eating.

Here’s an example of ingredients from the Apple Cinnamon Apple:

INGREDIENTS: organic apple juice, organic apple puree, organic oats, organic butter, water, organic cinnamon.

Yep! Pretty sure if I were going to make this at home, those would be the ingredients I would use too.

The packaging is completely convenient too. They either come in an awesome pouch (which can serve as a feeding bowl) or their cleaver twist off squeezable pouches. Perfect for the attachable Boon Spoon:

With Plum Organics, you are not only giving your children food that you know is healthy and packed with nutrients, but food that actually tastes great. And yes, my 5 year old and I sampled every single pouch that we opened. I didn’t get a picture of him eating the Harvest Vegetable with Turkey because my sister and brother-in-law were watching him that day, but you better believe I asked them to try and tell me what they thought. Well the verdict was that it actually tasted like turkey. It was bland, but good!

Here are more reasons to choose Plum Organics for your child’s meals:

You can find Plum Organic products at stores like Target and Babies R Us. Or head straight to the source and visit their website at:

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  • Caitlin

    Plum Organics is great! I made my daughters purees, but for road trips when transporting it was difficult I always got Plum Organics. I made my daughter’s food so that I would know what exactly she was getting, I didn’t want to have to sacrifice that because we were going to visit family.

    My husband and I definitely snuck in a few bites as well!

  • Pamela via Facebook

    We love Plum!!

  • Kaydee

    I remember when this first came to Target, my younger son wasn’t on baby food then but it looked so good we went back and tried it once he started solids. He loved it right away!

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