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Reasons Why Stay at Home Moms Have the Easiest Job Out There

Making a nice and peaceful home cooked breakfast for the family

There is absolutely nothing more relaxing than making a homemade breakfast. Well, breakfast is next level craziness. There are kids running around half naked, screaming while their hair is being done, and the morning fights. We might even try to turn on a cartoon or two for the kids to enjoy, but it does not always work. On top of this, we are attempting to make a healthy and nutritious breakfast that can hold our kids over until lunchtime. It is a blast! And somehow we all manage to get everything done in almost a perfect amount of time.

Loading the kids up for school

I love how loading a toddler into a car seat can either take five seconds or five minutes. Some days my toddler wants me to put him into the car seat to be speedy, but other times he wants nothing more than to be his little independent self. Let me tell you, when he decides to be independent it is a whole deal. He has to do everything from getting into the car by himself to climbing into his car seat, to attempting to buckle the buckles by himself when he is in the car seat. That right there is one of the most interesting tasks he attempts to accomplish. First off, he cannot get his arm into the harness by himself so he becomes rather frustrated. With my help, he attempts to get all buckled up. I am all for my toddler becoming independent and learning how to do things on his own, but not so much a fan when we have different places to be at a strict time.

Running errands with kids

I mean, all you have to do is stick the kids in a shopping cart and push them around right? It would be pretty nice if, when the kids are dropped off, the errands became easy. When you have a toddler or a baby shopping becomes a very interesting task. Babies and toddlers do not exactly have their emotions under control at all times. There is no real telling how they are going to act or what tantrums may randomly be thrown out there when something does not go as planned. Grocery shopping with a toddler is probably one of the most difficult tasks a parent has to face. Any parent knows, when a toddler “needs” something wow do they “NEED” it. Not only tantrums and crying babies are embarrassing, but it also slows the process down dramatically. Have you ever compared the time it takes you to shop with the kids to the time it takes to shop without the kids?

When your oldest child forgets something at home that they need at school

I love when I made either “me time” plans or an appointment and something comes up. I will always be there when my kids need me but it is a little bit frustrating when us mama’s have plans that seem to always be interrupted. A little “me” time is definitely needed for a stay at home moms, but it is not as easy as one would think. We are the ones who allow our homes to function!



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