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Simplifying A Mom’s Life With Technology

It seems that the more we simplify our lives, the more we find ways to complicate them again. There’s always a block of time or a place in our home that has become freed up, and we somehow can’t resist the urge to fill it back up again.

That’s why so many of us feel that we can never get ahead. It’s because we’re choosing not to get ahead, and in fact are choosing to do more of the things that got us behind to begin with.

Fortunately, with a combination of self-control and some outside help, we can regain control of our lives and take back the minutes, the money, and the places that we’ve lost through our own distorted ideas of putting them to better use.

First, as we’ve already noted, you have to make a conscious decision to use your available resources to decompress the way you use other things. If you are allowing an hour for house cleaning and you gain 15 minutes by eliminating a trip to the post office, you must make a conscious decision to convert your 60 minutes of frenetic house cleaning to 75 minutes at a more realistic pace. No added tasks, no increased intensity, no side jobs mixed in. Just taking a little more time to do the very same work.

One of the best tools we have for eliminating chores like the post office trip is our smartphones. They allow us to grab 30 seconds here and five minutes there to get a few things off the to-do list. They can be incredible time savers, as long as we invest in iPhone 7 cases, external batteries, and all the other necessities for protecting the phone’s function.

When you add in handy one-hand features and improved functions, phones are easier to use on the go than ever. Here are some of the things that these great tools can do to better our lives by making our days more efficient and less stressful.

Jobs Done On The Go

There’s no end to what we can accomplish on the move these days, and so much of it used to require a stop. We can log into a bank account from anywhere that data service reaches, checking our balance or reviewing the status of a pending payment. We can make contact with a teacher or a coach to get an updated schedule for a child’s activity, a task that used to require a long period on hold while the school attempted to get the right person on the phone.

Plans Made On The Go

While we can’t always execute a task with our phone, we can certainly grab those nibbles of free time to make plans for simplifying the tasks when the time does come. We can review shopping lists, search for coupons, and manage our weekly schedules, allowing us to make better use of our time. There are countless apps designed just for these time-saving purposes.

“Me Time” On The Go

Let’s face it. We all need some free time to decompress, re-energize, and get ready for whatever is coming next. There’s nothing wrong with it; in fact, there is something quite wrong with not taking that time! Whether it’s connecting with old friends on social media, reading a book, or playing a mindless arcade game, we can burn up a few minutes in the school pickup line or the oil change place with some fun that helps us pass the time and decrease our stress.

When you can forge a little free time out of nowhere, you have the luxury of using it productively or using it just to make the rest of the day a little easier. Either way, you’re doing yourself and your family a big favor. Technology can help make that process easy and as purposeful as you wish.

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