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Swiffer Sweeps Me Off My Feet

I’m not gonna lie and tell you that I love to clean… because really, I am not much of a fan. It needs to get done however. When my child turned 1 years old, I went through many, many vacuums, handheld, et cetera… nothing, NOTHING, was picking up the food that she would throw on the floor during “meal time”. I shouldn’t even call it meal time, it was more like “let’s toss my food everywhere time”. My vacuums actually kept breaking. You know it’s bad when the brand new vacuum was like “nuh uh, I ain’t pickin’ up that mess”. That was until I decided to give the swiffer sweeper vac a try. My life has been forever changed. I actually still have that vac, 3 years later… Although, they’ve come out with a newer model since then, the old one has been trusty, tried and true. Never had an issue. Easy to change out filters and keep the house clean. It even works on flat rugs & tile. Who woulda thought?

I love it and I can’t recommend it enough! You can click here and save $5 on your swiffer purchase!

*This post is not a paid advertisement for Swiffer. It is purely the opinion of Jess & her spotless wood floors.*

Image credit: Super Cool Pets


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  • Swiffer Sweeps Me Off My Feet: I’m not gonna lie and tell you that I love to clean… because really, I am n…

  • Emily

    I love the swiffer vacuum! It gets everything up! It’s been a great thing to have with a bad back!

  • Kevin E

    I haven’t seen this one in the stores! I wish I had because I am constantly cleaning up after the kids! I have a regular Swiffer that I am using all the time to pick up dog hair from our wood floors! Twh Swiffer Wet Jet is great, too!

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