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Tech Talk: Seahorse App Review

Seahorse is an awesome new photo sharing app that helps you create scenes to share with your friends and family and let you re-live memories right at your fingertips. Few things are more important than making memories with your family, but a close second would be documenting and being able to share those experiences. Seahorse is a simple to use app, and a quick and easy download will get you started on a journey of creating scenes using pictures you’ve taken and share them with your close knit group about stuff you do, people you love, and the places you go. These photos can become “co-owned” by everyone IN the scene.

Let’s look at Seahorse in action:





The unique part is that everyone in a scene can add photos and videos to enjoy a complete memory from everyones viewpoint. All you have to do is upload a picture to start. You can sync your camera as well for use of existing pictures and import your photos and start creating a scene and relish in your memories. Once your friends or family are added to the scene, you can enjoy the memory, and your pictures of it, all together. It’s such an easy way to share your experiences, collect pictures, and keep those moments forever and share them.

Another great attribute of Seahorse is that it allows you to keep the original resolution photos and videos privately on their own secure cloud. No tiny thumbnails or grainy pictures, it’s like a joint photo album right in the palm of your hand. You, your family, your friends, just by adding them to the scene, they all can have access to the wonderful memories you have shared together.

Seahorse helps you by intuitively organizing and sorting your pictures by date, location, friends and scenes, which really helps to make it easy to find and share memories. Always private, the scenes are only shared with the people you invite. Whether you are flipping through your own memories, reliving a specific event, or using “magic” to shake your phone and find a random image from your own past, taking a trip down memory lane, Seahorse is the ultimate photo sharing, storing and keeping app.

I had to get started to see what Seahorse was all about. I loved the way I could add people that were actually in my photos to the experience and they could upload pictures as well. I quickly added a few friends who got on board and we shared some pictures from a “girls date” we recently had. It was awesome to see the experience from their point of view. Now with pictures of the restaurant we went to, the lunches we had, and wonderful pictorial views of the beach, the sand, the ocean and the birds in the air, the experience was immediately relived in my mind. I could remember the laughing and fun that we had, the peaceful and calm beach we walked upon afterwards, and even some pictures from the drive home that I never would have seen because I was driving. What a wonderful way to bring pictures together, to share our feelings, thoughts and our views. It not only brought a big smile to my face, but also made me eager for the next time me and the girls get together for lunch!

Try Seahorse for yourself and see what all the buzz is about. Seahorse is offering an extra 5GB of storage by entering the promo code: CLEVERHORSE. This promo code is good until October 31, 2014, and each user can only use it once so act now! To redeem: Tap the icon on the top left corner to access your account settings. Tap “Redeem”. Tap “Write code” and enter CLEVERHORSE. Tap “Go” on your keyboard and there you are, an extra 5GB of storage and an app that is going to change how you make, share and relive memories.

You can download the Seahorse app via iPhone & via Android.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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