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Tips for Keeping the Kids Safe During a Move

Moving is already stressful enough. So, when you add adventurous toddlers to the mix, the stress levels rise by ten. On top of making sure that you’ve packed everything and that you don’t get injured in the process, you also have to account for your child’s safety and well-being. While it can be hard to keep a toddler on the go safe as you’re rearranging, sorting, and packing, there are some effective solutions you can try.
  1. Hire a Professional Moving Company

When you’re looking for an affordable local moving company, make sure that you also look at reputation. You will ultimately be allowing strangers into your home where your personal belongings and children are. If you hire a moving company with shady employees or practices, you are putting your family at risk. Be sure to check their reputation by looking at online reviews.

  1. Ask to See ID

Never allow movers into your home without first asking for valid ID. Again, you’re allowing strangers into your home and you need to know that they do, in fact, work for the moving company you hired. If they are unable to show an ID, or don’t show up in a company van and attire, you should contact the moving company you hired to confirm who the movers should be.

  1. Keep Moving Supplies Out of Your Child’s Reach

You’ll need plenty of moving supplies to get all of your things packed and ready for the move. This may include things like boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and plastic covers for protection. Such materials can easily be consumed by the baby which can lead to choking and even suffocation. Make sure that the moving supplies are stored in a location far from baby’s reach.

  1. Gate Off Areas When Packing

Moving will require you to do some sorting, packing, and disassembling. It can be very easy for foreign objects to end up in the hands of your curious toddler. In order to prevent injury or your baby choking on something use baby gates to block off areas where you’re packing. This keeps the baby away from the madness.

  1. Never Let Toddlers Ride in the Moving Van

While you’re excited to get to your new home and may even want to save on the cost of gas it is never a good idea to allow your toddler to ride in the moving truck. They don’t often provide a lot of space for car seats and don’t have a back seat making them dangerous for children under the age of 12. Either follow the moving truck in your own car or ask someone to cart the kids along.

  1. Be Mindful of Stacking Moving Boxes

Getting all the moving boxes into one central location makes it easier for the movers to load the truck. That being said, it is important to watch how you stack the boxes and how high you stack them. Not making sure that the boxes are properly stacked on top of each other could lead to the baby tripping or the boxes falling on top of them. Piling boxes too high also poses a risk for injury should they start to fall. Instead pile boxes neatly and in short piles.

  1. Watch Out for Cleaners and Medications

When you live in the home with a toddler, baby-proofing is common to prevent them from gaining access to contents they don’t need or from getting hurt. However, as you’re packing you may forget about these risks. Make sure that all cleaning supplies and medications are placed in a location where baby can’t access them. Consider getting a secure locking tote so that your toddler can’t easily open the containers.

  1. Keep Outlets Covered

Until the day you move, it is ideal to keep all outlets covered in the home. It can be pretty common to pack these things to take with you to your new home, however, your curious toddler could easily end up hurt while you’re packing.

Heaven knows you’re going to have your hands full. However, when it comes to toddler safety, nothing could be more important. Take each of the above-mentioned steps during your move to ensure that your children don’t get hurt in the process. Now the only thing left to do is find some way to keep them occupied so that you can get everything packed. That, unfortunately, is another subject matter for another day.


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