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Tired Parenting

Becoming a parent is one of the most amazing things you can do, but it certainly isn’t easy. Starting a family can be draining both physically and mentally, so it’s no wonder moms and dads are often on the lookout for a boost. Simply getting through the day can be a challenge, especially in households where sleep is in very short supply.

However, there are ways in which moms and dads can make their lives a little easier. For example, when they’re feeling especially lethargic, parents can reach for energy drinks. There are now lots of these products on the market. Consumers can choose from a whole range of beverages created by brands including Red Bull, Monster, Rockstar and Full Throttle. Sometimes, the kick that these sugary, caffeinated beverages provide is just what tired parents are after and it can make finishing the day’s tasks that bit easier.

Realizing the huge market for these drinks, firms are now diversifying into healthier options too. Commenting on this phenomenon, the Associated Press suggested that “energy drinks are busting out of the convenience store cooler and into the health food aisle”. More drinks are promoting organic ingredients, added juices and natural caffeine, it added. Examples include Guru and Steaz Energy. Meanwhile, Runa is said to be made from Amazonian guayusa leaves. According to John Sicher, publisher of Beverage Digest, there is a trend towards “more beverages that offer energy functionality, but in non-traditional energy drinks”.

Of course, moms and dads who consume energy-boosting drinks should do so responsibly and in moderation. After all, many of them are loaded with sugar and caffeine. This is what gives people the kick they’re looking for. It’s also important for parents to bear in mind that there are alternatives. For example, snacking on certain fruits can provide people with a quick boost of energy – bananas are great for this.

Also, regardless of whether or not moms and dads use energy drinks to help them get through the day, they should try to eat a healthy and balanced diet. For most people, this should include starchy carbohydrates, lots of fruits and vegetables, dairy and meat, or another source of lean protein.

In addition, there are other top tips that parents can follow. For example, new moms and dads may benefit from going to bed early so that when their babies wake up during the night, they feel as though they’ve already had some rest. Also, grabbing some shuteye when their babies nap during the day can help.


Overall getting a quick boost of energy doesn’t have to be unhealthy and rehydration is important, particularly during the summer months when the weather is warm outside.


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