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Top 10 Questions That Kids Ask Santa

Parents who have ever been stumped by a child’s tough Santa question, like “How does Santa get into houses without a fireplace?” or “How does Santa get around the whole world in one night?” will be relieved to know there’s a place where kids can get answers straight from the source. Because as every parent knows it can be hard to be creative or keep the magic of Santa alive with our children’s hopes and dreams caught in the balance. My daughter is only 3 months old, but already I’m trying to get her to understand the wonder of Christmas and Santa. Like any tradition and any good parent we want our kids to enjoy their childhood through fun and folly. Let’s take a look at this Santa source so we can enjoy the holidays without worrying about ruining Christmas for our children.


Before we get in too deep to the source. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by children regarding Santa and his helpers. You know it’s not just about Santa during this wondrous time of the year. It’s also about the elves, Mrs. Clause and even those jovial reindeer. That includes everyone from Rudolph to Vixen. These questions may surprise you. I was actually shocked by a few of them. Others I had wondered myself as a child. Can you spot which ones your children might be wondering about?

On Jealousy

1. Are the other reindeers jealous of Rudolph?

This is a great question. I have often wondered this myself, but always thought that they should be and they should also be ashamed of themselves for bullying this amazing reindeer who saved the day.

On Agility

2. Santa, have you ever got stuck in the chimney? If yes, then what did you do?

Another great question. A rotund man sliding down a tiny narrow space? Just thinking about this makes me claustrophobic. I love this question and I love how it’s answered on the site by the man in the red suit himself.

On Friendship

3. What does Santa do for his Jewish friends?

So part of my family growing up was Jewish and celebrated Hanukkah. To be honest they never had Santa as part of their Christmas or Winter Traditions. Instead, they had other things like the dreidel game. I can’t wait to see how Santa’s source answers this question. It’s a hard question to answer for sure.

On Civility

4. Have you ever been convicted of breaking & entering?

HO, HO, HO! Or Ha, Ha, Ha! Either way, I could completely see this happening to Santa. It’s definitely happened in some Santa inspired movies. I am surprised however a child asked this. Maybe their mom or dad was a judge or correctional officer? Too funny.

On Beliefs

5. Does it make it you sad that some people do not believe in you?

Ouch! This question will cut Santa to the core.

On Hygiene

6. When was the last time you trimmed your beard?

Great question. I would like to add, “Does Mrs. Claus help you trim it or do the elves help?”

On Family

7. I want a little sister for Christmas. May I please have one? How do you make them?

Um..pretty sure a little sister isn’t a toy and not the same as a puppy, but kids are curious. What a curious question for a child to ask.

On Aging

8. Are you bald under that cap, or do you still have a full head of hair?

Another question I would have never thought about. Man, does Santa have hair?

On Attitude

9. Santa, are you really that jolly all the time?

Can one man truly be that happy? Well maybe if you got to eat all the cookies you wanted and no one harped on you about your weight you would be happy too. Plus, you have flying reindeer and I’m pretty sure you don’t pay taxes Santa. Just throwing that out there. The man has got to be happy.

On Diet

10. How do you cope with indigestion after eating all those milk and cookies that are left out for you?

It’s a lot of work being out in the cold okay. Leave Santa and his cookies alone!

The free Ask Santa website ( lets children submit any question they have for St. Nick now through Christmas Eve for an answer direct from the North Pole. As a way of giving back this holiday season, the company behind it,, will donate $1 to the Gladstone Institutes for every question asked to support juvenile diabetes research, up to $20,000. Be sure to check it out with your children or go there to figure out how to answer their questions in advance.

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