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Top 5, Tastiest, Store-Bought Pizzas

The party supply experts at Shindigz put their taste buds up to the challenge of finding the top five tastiest, store-bought pizzas and they are sharing them with us!

School’s out and we know that sleepovers, movie nights, and parties for kids are underway. “When it’s time to feed party guests, pizza is an ideal choice,” says Jacquie Downey, Director of Sales and Marketing. “To help moms and dads find crowd-pleasing buys, we organized a taste test to find the top five, tastiest, store-bought pizzas.”

The Shindigz team gathered insights from Moms and kids. Online friends chimed in with recommendations. While not a scientific survey, this list offers a sampling of what real people judged as their tastiest choices.

5) Jack’s Pizza

Nothing brings out opinions like asking tween girls about their store-bought pizza choice. Jack’s won this battle. The cheese was the key reason. While not fancy, young girls liked it and moms liked the price.

4) Trader Giotto’s Pizza

Trader Joe’s private label margherita pizza received support as the best Italian-style pizza. It’s an imported taste from Italy.

3) Newman’s Own Thin and Crispy Pizza

Even though Newman’s Own is a newcomer to the frozen pizza market, their thin crust was singled out for being very good when baked according to directions (425 degrees for 10-12 minutes). One commenter stated, “When done, it looks like the picture on the package and tastes good.”

Tie for 1st Place- DiGiorno Pizza and Freschetta Pizza

These market-leading frozen pizza makers were often named together as favorites. They earned the top spot in this casual survey. Mentions of their crusts and varied flavor combinations set these two pizza makers apart from the rest.

What is your favorite store-bought/frozen pizza?

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