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Up-cycling Your Valentine’s Day Vase

Odds are this Valentines Day you received flowers from someone special in your life, this holiday alone see flowers rake in about $1.9 billion! With those flowers typically comes a vase, so what do you do with that vase when you are done, put it in a cabinet to collect dust until you receive more flowers, or do you up-cycle them to use them as a centerpiece in a different room of the house? I like to do the latter and add some fake flowers to them for a classier everyday look. Over the years, I have collected my fair-share of vases and had come up with this quick 5-10 minute craft to up-cycle them. First you will need a few supplies:

I chose a vase that I already had and grabbed a rubber band (you can use more than one rubber band if you would like a more intricate look), painters tape and whatever colored spray paint you would like to use! Make sure the vase you are using is clean so there are not any lumps once you paint it, after you ensure it is clean put the rubber band around the vase, I used a bulbous vase so I put the rubber band around the widest part of the vase.

After you make certain the rubber band is where you want it and straight across, use the painters tape to hold it in place and to keep paint from getting on the vase above the rubber band.

Now you are ready to paint! Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area and spray your vase, sometimes the paint will run if you spray too close or too much, so I like to hold the paint far away from the vase and do a few coats. Once you are done painting be sure to set it down on a paper towel so it does not stick to anything you do not want it to stick to and give it about a day to fully dry. My house if full of crazy colored rooms, we have a red dining room, purple baby’s room, teal guest room and we even used to have a Mac ‘N Cheese colored living room until we painted it, so this time I decided to use a sea foam colored paint to match the guest room and added some neutral colored flowers to give it a semi-classy look for our guests! 

If you choose to use more than one rubber band, as I have done in the past, it may have turned out a little different!

finished 2


I am a former Army officer and now a stay-at-home mother of little girl. We enjoy a good stroller workout, crafting, playing with our dog and trying new recipes!



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